Latest SO hotel slated to open in Mexico hotspot in 2021

first_imgTags: SO/ Los Cabos Hotel & Residences Latest SO/ hotel slated to open in Mexico hotspot in 2021 TORONTO — Accor’s expansion of its luxury portfolio in North America and Central America continues with SO/ Los Cabos Hotel & Residences, scheduled to open at the end of 2021.The new 200-room beachfront hotel will be located on the Baja California Peninsula on Mexico’s Pacific Coast.The new build will be Accor’s first SO/ property in Mexico, and the second in the region. The hotel group says the avant-garde hotel & residences will boast stylish interiors and décor combined with signature services, lively social events, entertainment and unique experiences.“We are proud to expand SO/ Hotels & Resorts in our region and bring our unconventional and exclusive luxury lifestyle brand to Mexico,” says Chris Cahill, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Accor. “SO/ Los Cabos Hotel & Residences will introduce an incredibly bold and exhilarating energy to the Baja California Peninsula, blending the brand’s audacious luxury and services with the heart and soul of the destination. The property will most certainly become an exciting addition to Los Cabos, appealing to chic international luxury travellers and stylish locals.”More news:  Sunwing to further boost Mazatlán service with new flights from OttawaSO/ Los Cabos Hotel & Residences will offer:Two modern restaurants serving innovative Mexican gastronomyA trendy lounge with outstanding ocean views, surrounded by five swimming poolsOutdoor event spaces with floor-to-ceiling glass windows7,500 square-feet of flexible indoor and outdoor function spaceA SO/ SPA offering bespoke treatments inspired by Mexican beauty ritualsAccess to an 18-hole Nicklaus Design golf course adjacent to the propertyA SO/ FIT fitness centre including a glass-bottom poolIn addition to the upcoming openings of SO/ Havana Paseo del Prado in Havana, Cuba (2020) and SO/ Los Cabos Hotel & Residences (2021) in the North & Central American region, the brand will soon unveil hotels in several locations worldwide including Kuala Lumpur (2020), Samui (2020) and Jakarta (2021.) The SO/ portfolio already includes two properties in Thailand (SO/ Bangkok and SO/ Hua Hin, SO/ Mauritius, SO/ Singapore, SO/ Berlin Das Stue, SO/ Vienna and SO/ St. Petersburg. Posted by << Previous PostNext Post >>center_img Travelweek Group Monday, February 25, 2019 Sharelast_img read more

Proposed change in pricing model would increase cooking gas costs by 72

first_imgRelated posts:President Solís says proposals to lower record-high fuel prices are not viable Gas prices to go up this week Gasoline prices may drop again in October Gas prices in Costa Rica to remain unchanged through 2015 Costa Rica’s executive branch is criticizing changes to the method used for setting fuel prices as proposed by the Public Services Regulatory Authority (ARESEP), arguing the move would increase prices of other products, particularly cooking gas.The proposed change in the calculation formula used for setting fuel prices would lower per-liter prices of gasoline and diesel by up to ₡10, but it would increase the price of cooking gas by 72 percent, along with bunker fuel (35 percent) and asphalt (45 percent), the government claims.ARESEP proposed the elimination of a subsidy included in the prices of gasoline and diesel since 2009 that allowed lower prices for other products. The regulatory agency will present its proposal at a public hearing on Feb. 14.If approved the new calculation formula would apply later that month and increase the price of a 25-pound cylinder of cooking gas by about ₡2,000 ($3.75), from ₡6,410 to ₡8,470 ($11.90 – 15.75).According to ARESEP some 651,000 homes – 55 percent of the country’s households – use cooking gas, and most of them use 25-pound cylinders.The business sector also disapproves of ARESEP’s proposal. Leaders from the Costa Rican Food Industry Chamber on Monday said they are aware that several companies are currently evaluating the relocation of operations to another country if higher prices are approved.The statement from Casa Presidencial asks the Economy Ministry (MEIC) and the Environment Ministry (MINAE) to issue an official position on ARESEP’s proposal.The government expects MEIC to determine the implications of higher propane prices in products and services, and the effects on the population.MINAE officials are expected to address what terms should be considered in setting a new fuel pricing model, in order to comply with policies set by the National Energy Plan outlined by the administration of President Luis Guillermo Solís. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

It is envisaged that the Co Design process will co

first_imgIt is envisaged that the Co Design process will commence May 2017 and conclude September 2017 with the completion of the Arts & Culture Strategy.To sign up or nominate someone to be represented on the Co Design Process click on the following link to view the terms of reference and the form at note that the closing date for nominations is Wednesday, 10 May.John Kerr concluded: “This is a fantastic opportunity for those working or with an interest in the local arts and culture sector to have an input into the Council strategy for the years ahead.“Not only will their input help us prioritise the needs of the sector, but it will allow us to share experiences and deliver a Strategy that is achievable and in keeping with our Community Plan for the Derry City and Strabane District Council area.”He said it is anticipated that information sessions will be held in the coming weeks to provide the sector with more information on the Co Design Process.Anyone who needs any further information or clarification can speak to John directly at the Council on Tel 028 71 253253.COUNCIL SEEKING INPUT TO ASSIST IN DEVELOPING ARTS AND CULTURE STRATEGY was last modified: April 11th, 2017 by John2John2 Tags: “The Strategy will reflect and support the ambitions of Council and its partners in the pursuit of world class designations such as European City of Culture status.”As part of the process Council has appointed an external agent to compile the Arts and Cultural Strategy for the Council area.The agent will be charged with developing an evidenced based Arts and Culture Strategy focused on delivery against relevant outcomes identified in the Community Plan and the local area plans, and also ensure it is based on a successful co-design process.John Kerr explained that representatives of the Co Design Group will be required to meet with the agent and Council officers on a regular basis to monitor the progress of the strategy compilation against the defined Scope of Works. ShareTweet ARTS AND CULTURE MANAGERCOUNCIL SEEKING INPUT TO ASSIST IN DEVELOPING ARTS AND CULTURE STRATEGYJOHN KERR The Verbal Arts Centre in DerryDERRY City & Strabane District Council is seeking nominations of representatives from a number of disciplines to assist them in developing an Arts and Culture Strategy for 2017-2022.Representatives are being sought from arts and cultural venues, drama and performing arts, visual arts, participatory/community arts, heritage and museums, individual artists and practitioners, community festivals, non-Council led Festivals and Events in region (ie those eligible for Tier 2 Festivals funding), music and literature that will sit on Co Design Group which will operate in an advisory capacity and will fulfill its function with the completion of the Arts & Culture Strategy (2017 – 2022).John Kerr, Arts and Culture Manager with Derry City and Strabane District Council says the input and involvement of the local arts and cultural partners is essential to the co-design process set up to develop the Strategy.Encouraging people to be part of the process, he said the Strategy was key to the Council’s ongoing commitment to arts and culture. He explained: “The Strategy will build upon the legacy of 2013 UK City of Culture by supporting a culture of collaboration and articulating a clear direction of travel for a strong and ambitious arts and culture sector within the North West.last_img read more

From Jim Rogers… to Marc Faber… to Congressman Ron

first_imgFrom Jim Rogers… to Marc Faber… to Congressman Ron Paul, this book is sitting on the desks of some of the world’s smartest thinkers…And for good reason, too.Inside you’ll find 47 ways to protect your wealth from the declining value of the U.S. DollarDiscover FIVE of those 47 ways for free, right here. Sponsor Advertisement This video clip probably got a fair amount of playing time with the JPMorgan et al crowd, the CFTC, the CME Group…and beyond.It was a pretty quiet trading day just about everywhere on Planet Earth on Monday.  The gold price got sold down about ten dollars by shortly after 10:00 a.m. Hong Kong time…and traded mostly above the $1,590 spot price mark right up until it’s low price tick of around $1,587 spot that came about five minutes before the 8:20 a.m. Eastern time Comex open.  Gold rallied from there, breaking through the $1,600 price mark around 10:50 a.m. in New York.  That proved to be its high tick of the day…$1604.40 spot…and every other rally attempt over the $1,600 spot market got quietly, but firmly turned aside.Gold closed at $1,596.90 spot…down $2.20 from Friday’s close.  Net volume was only 88,000 contracts…and about 10,000 contracts of that amount was a spread trade placed early in the Far East trading day.Here’s the New York Spot Gold [Bid] chart on its own, so you can see the micro-action around the $1,600 mark in New York trading.  Note the pre-Comex opening low…and the multiple attempts to break above $1,600 spot.  It was another day when gold’s closing price would have been much higher if left to its own devices.In Far East and early London trading, silver traded in a 30 cent price band…from around $29.50 to $29.20 spot…with its low of the day coming shortly before 1:00 p.m. London time, which was a few minutes before 8:00 a.m. in New York.  Then it looked like silver retested that low minutes before the Comex open.Ten minutes after New York began to trade, silver was back above its Friday close…and traded around that price until its spike high of $27.74 that came the same minute as gold’s high tick…about 10:40 a.m. Eastern.After that, the silver price never got above the $27.65 spot mark…and finished the electronic trading session at $27.52 spot…up a whole 3 cents from Friday.  Net volume was around 27,000 contracts.The dollar index opened where it closed on Friday…around the 81.60 mark.  It reached its Far East high [around 81.83] late in the morning Hong Kong time…and then rolled over to its low of the day [81.55] which came around 10:40 a.m. in London.  Then away it went to the upside.  The high was around 81.96 at 10:25 in New York…but 90% of the dollar index rally was in by 8:15 a.m…which was five minutes before the Comex opened for trading.  From there, the index slid a hair…and then traded sideways for the last six hours of the New York trading day, finishing around 81.87.The gold stocks sold off a bit at the beginning of the New York trading day…and their high came, naturally enough, at the 10:40 a.m. spike high in the gold price.  From there, the gold stocks got sold off to their low of the day, which was minutes before noon Eastern time.  After that they clawed their way back to almost unchanged by the close.  The good folks over at that provide the daily HUI chart, obviously had some issues early in the day, but got them fixed in the few hours of trading.  The HUI finished down a tiny 0.11%.Most of the stocks in Nick Laird’s Silver Sentiment Index closed in positive territory, but the 3.85% decline in Pan American Silver dragged the SSI down as well…and it closed down 0.47%.(Click on image to enlarge)The CME’s Daily Delivery Report for the second delivery day in July showed that 6 gold and only 99 silver contracts were posted for delivery on Wednesday.  In silver, the biggest short/issuer was Merrill with 95 contracts…and biggest long/stoppers were JPMorgan and the Bank of Nova Scotia.  They stood for delivery on all 99 contracts issued.  The link to the Issuers and Stoppers Report is here.As of the preliminary report from the CME in the wee hours of this morning, there are about 2,400 silver contracts still open in July.There were no reported changes in GLD yesterday, but an authorized participant[s] withdrew an eye-watering 4,364,343 troy ounces of silver from SLV.  It’s hard to say whether that withdrawal was price action-related…or whether the silver was more desperately needed elsewhere.The U.S. Mint had a small sales report to start out the month of July.  They sold 2,000 ounces of gold eagles…and 269,500 silver eagles.The Comex-approved depositories reported receiving 599,997 troy ounces of silver on Friday…all of it into Brink’s, Inc.  The link to that action is here.Here’s a chart that Washington reader S.A. stole from somewhere yesterday…and it needs no further embellishment from me.  My first story of the day is on this subject.As per most Tuesdays, I have a lot of stories…and the final edit is, as always, up to you.Asia is accumulating Gold. Russia is accumulating Gold. “Backward” nations all over the world are accumulating Gold – on both an individual and a government level. While the “developed” world has developed an idea of monetary safety which turns all history on its head, the rest of the world is not going along with them. We’ll leave it to you to decide which are the credulous and which are not. – Bill Buckler, Gold This Week, 30 June 2012With such light trading volume in both metals, I wouldn’t read a lot into yesterday’s price action…although it was obvious that gold wasn’t allowed to breach the $1,600 spot price mark for more than a few minutes at a time.  Silver’s price was well contained below the $28 spot mark as well.But the story of the day yesterday was that CNBC panel discussion where all parties acknowledged that the silver market is rigged seven ways to heaven will, in my opinion, turn out to be a key moment in the history of the price management scheme in silver.  There’s no doubt it my mind that this video clip probably got a fair amount of playing time with the JPMorgan et al crowd, the CFTC, the CME Group…and beyond.  I would bet that there are forces now in play that can’t be stopped.How big a hammer blow this is may not show up in the silver price immediately, but it indicates to me that the silver fuse is definitely lit…and the end is getting closer with each passing day.As I mentioned in my Saturday column, the Friday COT report showed that the eight largest Commercial ‘traders’ in the silver futures market were short 3.27 times the net short position of 60 million ounces…a monstrous concentration held by a small handful of traders, dominated by JPMorgan.  This is what silver analyst Ted Butler had to say about it in his Weekly Review on Saturday…“It’s hard to express the true meaning in the proper words, but the ‘big 4’ now hold a short position that is 2.5 times greater than the total commercial [net] short position, an extreme level never witnessed in my memory. In many ways, even though the total amount of commercial shorts in COMEX silver has never been lower, it has also never been more concentrated than it is now. The true measure of manipulation is the level of concentration because concentration determines market control.”Well, it was an interesting trading session in the Far East on their Tuesday…and that positive trend is still in place now that London has been open for about two hours.  Gold is above the $1,600 spot price mark at the moment, but silver’s two attempts to move above $28 spot, ran into the usual not-for-profit sellers.  Gold volume is not overly heavy for this time of day, but silver volume is getting up there.  The dollar index has been pretty much ruler flat since the Far East open on their Tuesday morning.  And as I hit the ‘send’ button at 5:18 a.m. Eastern time, gold is up exactly twelve bucks…and silver is up 40 cents.Today, at the close of Comex trading, is the cut-off for Friday’s Commitment of Traders Report…and I must admit that I’m looking forward to Tuesday’s New York trading action with great interest.I’ll have a column tomorrow on the July 4th holiday…but it will be posted later in the morning, like it is on Saturday, so don’t expect it in your in-box at its usual time.last_img read more

Most People in Attorney General Jeff Sessionss Home State Want to Legalize

first_img April 11, 2017 While Attorney General Jeff Sessions has advocated a return to the “just say no” policies of the 1980s, residents in his home state of Alabama see things differently, a new poll has found.In a survey of 2,500 Alabama residents done by, 78 percent said they favor legalization of marijuana.For entrepreneurs and investors involved in the legal marijuana industry, the news is, at the very least, interesting. The more optimistic might hope that the views of his fellow Alabamians could influence Sessions as well.The poll results might come as a surprise to many. In addition to the anti-marijuana rhetoric of Sessions, the former senator and attorney general in Alabama, the state often ranks high among the states not expected to legalize medical, much less recreational use, of marijuana.Related: Marijuana In the Midwest? Nebraska Lawmakers Consider Cannabis Legalization.In 2016, USA Today ranked Alabama as the No. 1 least likely state to legalize marijuana. Of course, they ranked Arkansas as No. 2, and voters there approved medical marijuana use last November.Alabamians On asked readers other questions involving marijuana, at least one of which might seem unusual to those who have never resided in the so-called “Bible Belt” of the United States.The results of three questions were:92 percent said alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana89 percent said smoking marijuana is not a sin (8 percent said that it is)84 percent said recreational use should be legalized in AlabamaOf course, polls of website readers are not scientific by traditional polling standards. However, even Pew Research Center has started to question whether some of the polls might be more accurate than traditional telephone surveys.Good News?Those involved with the legal marijuana industry have kept a wary eye on Sessions. During the first few months of President Donald Trump’s administration, both Sessions and other administration officials have offered a litany of anti-marijuana statements but have been vague about what they might actually do.The latest glimpse into Sessions thinking came in a speech in March before law enforcement officials in Richmond, Vir. His speech, which can be read in full here on the attorney general’s website, included a line that compared marijuana to heroin.Related: How to Plant the Seeds of Success in the New Cannabis Economy“I reject the idea that America will be a better place if marijuana is sold in every corner store,” he said. “And I am astonished to hear people suggest that we can solve our heroin crisis by legalizing marijuana – so people can trade one life-wrecking dependency for another that’s only slightly less awful.  Our nation needs to say clearly once again that using drugs will destroy your life.”At least according to one poll, his view is not in step with a majority of his fellow Alabamians.Follow on Instagram to stay up to date on the latest cannabis news.  Each week hear inspiring stories of business owners who have taken the cannabis challenge and are now navigating the exciting but unpredictable Green Rush. Most People in Attorney General Jeff Sessions’s Home State Want to Legalize Marijuana Easy Search. Quality Finds. Your partner and digital portal for the cannabis community. Next Article Cannabis Image credit: Andrew Harrer | Bloomberg | Getty Images Guest Writer 3 min read Add to Queue Green Entrepreneur Podcast Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. –shares A new poll finds that lopsided majorities in Alabama oppose the get-tough enforcement favored by their former senator. Listen Nowlast_img read more

Harvard MIT Receive 9 Million Donation to Conduct Marijuana Research

first_img –shares Harvard, MIT Receive $9 Million Donation to Conduct Marijuana Research 4 min read Guest Writer Biomedical Technology Add to Queue Image credit: gregobagel | Getty Images Easy Search. Quality Finds. Your partner and digital portal for the cannabis community. Next Article Keep up with the latest trends and news in the cannabis industry with our free articles and videos, plus subscribe to the digital edition of Green Entrepreneur magazine. The donation from an alum of both schools will use the cannabis legally available in Massachusetts. May 14, 2019 Free Green Entrepreneur App Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. The rapid spread of marijuana legalization has been coupled with concerns among medical researchers about gaps in knowledge on what cannabis can and cannot do in terms of health benefits.Unfortunately, with the United States federal government continuing to list cannabis as an illegal drug, it’s been hard to get funding for research. It also doesn’t help that what little marijuana is available for research is of far worse quality than what people routinely purchase at the local dispensary (or on the black market, for that matter).However, cannabis research in the U.S. got a shot in the arm this month when Charles Broderick, head of a New York-based global equity firm, dontated $9 million for cannabis research to be split between Harvard Medical School and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology . Broderick’s goal is clear cut, according to the Harvard Gazette: “Our desire is to fill the research void that currently exists in the science of cannabis.”Related: Why the EU Is Wrong About CBDMassachusetts Makes a DifferenceHow can the two prestigious schools manage to fill the marijuana research void with marijuana still illegal at the federal level? According to Rolling Stone, the answer lies in the fact that Massachusetts started legal recreational marijuana sales this year. That “makes it easier for the research to take place at the Boston-based schools,” the music magazine wrote.A researcher at MIT told the Boston Globe that the school plans to get cannabis of a higher grade than what is available from the University of Mississippi, which currently operates the only federal-sanctioned site to grow marijuana for research.The researcher also said that without Broderick’s donation, none of the research would be happening as quickly as now planned. The illegal nature of marijuana in the past — a situation that still exists at the national level — has made getting research funding difficult.Where Research Will FocusMIT plans to launch research into how THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol) impact the cognitive function of people suffering from schizophrenia. Other MIT studies will focus on the use of cannabis for those with autism and Huntington’s disease, as well as the impact on attention and working memory.At Harvard Medical School, the money will fund creation of the Charles R. Broderick Phytocannabinoid Research Initiative. Initial research will focus on marijuana’s impact on brain cell function and the connections between brain cells.Related: Move Aside, CBD: New Data Finds THC Is the Real Medicine in Medical MarijuanaDonor Stands to GainWhile the donation received universal praise, it also generated conversation over the ethics of the donation. Broderick is an investor in cannabis companies in Canada, where pot is legal for medical and recreational use nationwide.The Globe wrote that many might wonder if his position could create bias in the research. After all, if new uses of cannabis are found, Broderick stands to make more money. But if dangers are found in using marijuana for medical purposes, he stands to lose money.However, both Harvard and MIT have rules in place that govern research, ensuring that researchers have complete control over their work and the results.For this part, Broderick told the Harvard Gazette, “I want to destigmatize the conversation around cannabis — and, in part, that means providing facts to the medical community, as well as the general public. Then we’re all working from the same information. We need to replace rhetoric with research.”To stay up to date on the latest marijuana-related news make sure to like on Facebook Download Our iOS Applast_img read more

SpaceX Lands Rocket on Platform in the Middle of the Ocean Start

first_img Staff writer. Frequently covers franchise news and food trends. Image credit: SpaceX Next Article Looking for the latest headlines in small business, innovation and tech? Our Start Up Your Day recaps are posted every morning to keep you current.Going big. First hot dogs, now this: Burger King’s menu now includes a Whopper Dog.Accused. Cupertino’s mayor feels “abused,” says Apple evades its taxes.In remembrance. An urn shaped of a White Castle restaurant was commissioned by a woman as a memorial. She and her sister ate there after chemo treatments.A new track. This McDonald’s placemat is also a DJ controller.Cut. Celebrated entrepreneurship course at Babson College is cut and its professor fired.Victorious. A SpaceX lands a rocket successfully in the Atlantic Ocean.The front lines. The Marine Corps is creating land-based battlefield robots with flying drone sidekicks. They would be used for “autonomous swarms.”Not enough. According to Facebook, the average user spends about 50 minutes a day on the social media platform. It may seem like a lot, but the company wants more. Lindsay Friedman Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. –shares May 6, 2016 Learn how to successfully navigate family business dynamics and build businesses that excel.center_img SpaceX Lands Rocket on Platform in the Middle of the Ocean — Start Up Your Day Roundup Start Up Your Day Add to Queue 1 min read Free Webinar | July 31: Secrets to Running a Successful Family Business Landing JSAT-14, 05052016 Register Now »last_img read more

Teleperformance Groups Praxidia Knowledge Services partners with CallMiner to launch TP Interact

first_imgTeleperformance Groups ‘Praxidia Knowledge Services’ partners with CallMiner to launch TP Interact – a Comprehensive Interaction Analytics Solution PRNewswireMay 23, 2019, 2:52 pmMay 23, 2019 CallMinerCXMarketing TechnologyNewsPraxidiaTeleperformance GroupTP Interact Previous ArticleAlpha Software Launches Alpha TransForm, Cuts Build Time for Robust Offline Enterprise Mobile Apps from Months to HoursNext ArticleCint Appoints SVP of Asia Nicholas Antram to Continue Strategic Expansion Across the Region Eleperformance Groups ‘Praxidia Knowledge Services’ Partners with CallMiner to Launch TP Interact – a Comprehensive Interaction Analytics SolutionPraxidia Knowledge Services, a specialised subsidiary of the Teleperformance Group, announced its strategic partnership with CallMiner to launch a customer solution called TP Interact. This speech and customer engagement analytics solution will optimise agent quality and customer satisfaction within contact centres across the globe.“Our ability to quickly consolidate actionable insights from multichannel interactions in both real-time and post-call provides Praxidia with agent quality management and CX benefits that boost customer satisfaction and build competitive advantage”TP Interact’s managed analytics and consulting services, powered by the CallMiner Eureka speech analytics platform, is scalable in terms of both capacity and geography. This allows organisations across industry verticals to benefit from the invaluable insights driven by its customer interactions, regardless of call volume or channel. Through this partnership, customers can evaluate and score 100% of customer interactions to define the customer experience and agent quality. This Includes customisations, reporting and on-going tuning to business needs.Marketing Technology News: Phishing of SaaS and Webmail Brands Surpasses Phishing Attacks on Payment Brands for the First TimeTP Interact customers benefit from:A scalable, flexible solution that seamlessly integrates into the business within days of deployment.Personalised services tailored to unique business needsData-driven insights to define action and control outcomes.Marketing Technology News: Punchh Launches Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence “Customer Sentiment Analysis” to Enable Real-Time Response to Customer ReviewsCommenting on the development, Paolo Righetti, CEO Praxidia said “CallMiner and Praxidia have already begun driving Business Intelligence from global call centres with language-specific customer experience applications across Italian, French and German-speaking organisations. This partnership enables a seamless Digital Customer Experience”.Paul Bernard, President & CEO of CallMiner said “Our ability to quickly consolidate actionable insights from multichannel interactions in both real-time and post-call provides Praxidia with agent quality management and CX benefits that boost customer satisfaction and build competitive advantage”.Marketing Technology News: Alibaba Cloud Expands Offerings for EMEA Partnerslast_img read more

Optimizely Announces Series D Funding Led by Goldman Sachs Catapulting Digital Experience

first_imgOptimizely Announces Series D Funding Led by Goldman Sachs, Catapulting Digital Experience Optimization Into the Mainstream PRNewswireJune 24, 2019, 5:45 pmJune 24, 2019 Accenture Venturesdigital experience optimizationfundingMarketing TechnologyNewsOptimizely Previous ArticleEvergage Named a Strong Performer Among B2B Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) by Independent Research FirmNext ArticleTokio Marine & Nichido Selects Salesforce to Exceed Customer Expectations at Every Touchpoint Optimizely Secures $50 Million From Goldman Sachs and Accenture Ventures, Bolstered by Additional $55 Million Financing From Bridge BankOptimizely, the world’s leader in digital experience optimization, announced it has closed US$105 million in financing, including US$50 million in Series D funding. The funding, led by Goldman Sachs Private Capital Investing, also included Accenture Ventures. This brings the company’s total funding to US$200 million. Additionally, Michael Kondoleon of Goldman Sachs will join Optimizely’s Board of Directors as a Board Member.Digital Experience Optimization Hits the Mainstream Industry-leading organizations are embracing digital experience optimization as more than a quarter of the Fortune 100 have chosen Optimizely’s experimentation and personalization platform. The category has exploded, and Optimizely customers like Gap, Visa, StubHub, as well as digital leaders like Metromile, Lending Club, and Sonos, are making experimentation a mainstream business best practice.In the last two years, Optimizely’s customers have tripled their investments in digital experience optimization with the company’s highly scalable infrastructure now handling over 6 billion events a day. Optimizely has consistently deployed breakthrough products and the company’s machine learning capabilities have been shown to double website visitor conversion rates. Recent platform additions also ensure that Optimizely serves the needs of the developer community through feature management, feature flagging, and testing in production to ensure organizations can safely launch a new product, feature, or experience.“Optimizely is recognized as a leader in the experimentation space and the solution of choice for numerous global brands. We’re pleased to have Accenture onboard as a co-investor in the Series D. We see a substantial market opportunity ahead for Optimizely, and we are excited to help fuel their continued growth,” said Michael Kondoleon, vice president at Goldman Sachs Private Capital Investing.Marketing Technology News: Global Software Leaders Xero and Stripe Join Forces to Bring Seamless Payments to Millions of Small BusinessesOptimizely also extended its line of credit with Bridge Bank in this latest investment round. Combined with the additional funding from Goldman Sachs and Accenture Ventures, this investment signals a tipping point for the category of digital experience optimization, with Optimizely the clear innovator and category leader.“Bridge Bank is proud to continue working with Optimizely, a global leader at the forefront of the digital experience optimization market,” said Mike Lederman, senior vice president and western region director of Bridge Bank’s technology banking group. “Optimizely is on a path of substantial growth and the additional capital will help them continue to build market-leading products that are used by an increasing number of top global brands.”Accenture Interactive Doubles Down on Experience Optimization Offering with Strategic Investment in Optimizely Accenture Interactive and Optimizely have been teaming together since 2013 to help some of the leading brands transform customer experiences to drive superior business outcomes. “Today’s business leaders are aware of the importance of experience but nevertheless struggle to continuously optimize and personalize their channels consistent with their customers’ expectations,” said Matty Wishnow, managing director of experience design & optimization at Accenture Interactive. “We know well that experimentation is the quickest, most confident path to better user experiences and returns on investment. Optimizely has a platform that truly transforms how experiences work for both the business and the customer.”Marketing Technology News: Whitebox Raises $5 Million in Series A Funding to Accelerate eCommerce “Factory Floor to Front Door” Tech PlatformWith this new investment, Accenture Interactive and Optimizely will work more closely together to deliver high-value services along with Optimizely’s best in class software platform.“We’re thrilled to have the backing of one of the most respected financial institutions in the world. Goldman Sachs’ investment in Optimizely is a clear indication that the digital experience optimization market is growing rapidly and that Optimizely is the leader in this space,” said Jay Larson, CEO of Optimizely. “As more business is done online, companies understand that optimizing the digital experiences they deliver to their customers is the difference between winning and losing in their respective markets. Building experimentation into your company culture requires the best platform and the best services. The combination of Optimizely and Accenture can deliver game-changing value to companies that are serious about winning in today’s digital economy.”Marketing Technology News: LiveVox and TDECU Share Keys to Optimizing the Customer Experience in a Digital Environment at CCW 2019last_img read more

Lytics Named a Strong Performer in Customer Data Platform Report by Independent

first_imgLytics Named a Strong Performer in Customer Data Platform Report by Independent Research Firm PRNewswireJune 27, 2019, 6:20 pmJune 27, 2019 B2B Customer Data Platformscustomer data platformJames McDermottLyticsMarketing TechnologyMarketing Technology NewsNewspersonalization Previous Named #1 Sales Coaching Momentum Leader in G2’s Summer 2019 Momentum GridNext ArticleGartner Identifies Five Cost Optimization Tactics for Marketing Leaders Lytics, the first Customer Data Platform (CDP) built to bridge the gap between data and personalization, announced it has been named a Strong Performer in the “The Forester New Wave™: B2B Customer Data Platforms, Q2 2019” report.“The Forester New Wave™: B2B Customer Data Platforms, Q2 2019”Forrester profiled the 13 most significant vendors in the emerging CDP market and ranked against 10 criteria as explained by Forrester principal analyst and report author Steven Casey in his blog post. Forrester reported that Lytics offers robust activation and recommendation capabilities resulting in a differentiated score for those two criteria. They also noted that “Lytics leverages machine learning insights to build dynamic audiences that can trigger activation when a member enters or exits a segment. The solution also offers next best campaign recommendations that include optimizations for both engagement timing and content topic.”Marketing Technology News: New Study Shows Adoption of Business Automation Technologies is Driven by the C-SuiteAs stated in the report, customers praised Lytics’ ability to help them analyze and monitor product usage data and the ease of use of its segmentation tools. One customer was quoted as sharing, “Their segment builder is very visual and really easy to use.”“As customer acquisition costs continue to rise and customer lifetime value declines, it’s imperative that marketing leaders understand that the problem isn’t data. In fact, it’s today’s workflows which are based on the company’s segmentation models instead of the needs and actions of the audience,” explains James McDermott, CEO and co-founder of Lytics. “Forrester’s noting our ability to build dynamic audiences that trigger activation and next best campaign recommendations we believe illustrates their recognition of the importance of personalized experiences. Lytics was built from the ground up to help marketers meet the needs of each individual customer.”Marketing Technology News: Monetate Exceeds $2 Billion in Influenced Revenue and Unveils New Brand Identity and Leadership at Cannes Lions 2019Forrester also gave Lytics a differentiated score in the product road map criteria and recognized that Lytics’ market approach and product strategy makes it a best fit for subscription-based businesses or companies selling to B2B and B2C.In 2018, Lytics saw revenue increase nearly three times and adoption of the Lytics platform more than double across every industry. Today, more than 175 enterprise brands rely on Lytics to know and serve their customers.Marketing Technology News: Visa to Acquire Rambus Payments Portfoliolast_img read more

Malaysia OKs new search by private company for missing plane

Malaysia’s government said Saturday that it has approved a new attempt by a private company to find the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, nearly four years after its disappearance sparked one of aviation’s biggest mysteries. Citation: Malaysia OKs new search by private company for missing plane (2018, January 7) retrieved 18 July 2019 from Scientists potentially narrow MH370 search area to 3 spots Explore further This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. More information: The Houston, Texas-based company Ocean Infinity dispatched a search vessel this past week to look in the southern Indian Ocean for debris from the plane, which disappeared March 8, 2014, on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing with 227 passengers and 12 crew members.The governments of Malaysia, China and Australia called off the nearly three-year official search last January. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau’s final report on the search conceded that authorities were no closer to knowing the reasons for the Boeing 777’s disappearance, or its exact location.”The basis of the offer from Ocean Infinity is based on ‘no cure, no fee,'” Malaysian Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai said Saturday, meaning that payment will be made only if the company finds the wreckage.”That means they are willing to search the area of 25,000 square kilometers (9,653 square miles) pointed out by the expert group near the Australian waters,” he said.However, he said, “I don’t want to give too much hope … to the (next of kin).” He said his government was committed to continuing with the search.He did not offer other details.Ocean Infinity said in a statement that the search vessel Seabed Constructor, which left the South African port of Durban on Tuesday, was taking advantage of favorable weather to move toward “the vicinity of the possible search zone.”In the initial search for the plane, a 52-day surface search covered an area of several million square kilometers (square miles) in the Indian Ocean west of Australia, before an underwater search mapped 710,000 square kilometers (274,000 square miles) of seabed at depths of up to 6,000 meters (20,000 feet). They were the largest aviation searches of their kind in history, according to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB).Despite other methods such as studying satellite imagery and investigating ocean drifts after debris from the plane washed ashore on islands in the eastern Indian Ocean and the east coast of Africa, the 1,046-day search was called off on Jan. 17, 2017.However, the ATSB’s report said the understanding of where the plane may be is “better now than it has ever been,” partly as a result of studying debris that washed ashore in 2015 and 2016 that showed the plane was “not configured for a ditching at the end-of-flight,” meaning it had run out of fuel.The search team also looked back at satellite imagery that showed objects in the ocean that may have been MH370 debris. The report said this analysis complemented work detailed in a 2016 review and identified an area of less than 25,000 square kilometers (9,650 square miles)—roughly the size of the U.S. state of Vermont—that “has the highest likelihood of containing MH370.”The search was extremely difficult because no transmissions were received from the aircraft after its first 38 minutes of flight. Systems designed to automatically transmit the flight’s position failed to work after this point, the report said. In this March 6, 2016, file photo, well wishes are written on a wall of hope during a remembrance event for the ill fated Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Malaysian government has approved a new attempt to find the wreckage of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in the Indian Ocean. (AP Photo/Joshua Paul, File) © 2018 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. read more

Telangana tourism plans defence museumTelangana tourism plans defence museum

first_img SHARE SHARE EMAIL Published on COMMENTS Telangana The Telangana government and the State Department of Tourism are planning to set up a defence museum in collaboration with Defence Research and Development Organisation(DRDO).It is proposed to demonstrate various defence related products such as missiles, and defence lab models in the museum, to attract and encourage youngsters to join the defence forces.B Venkatesham, State Secretary Tourism, had written a letter to the defence ministry and establishments initiating the proposal to facilitate a war flight Tupolev-TU 142 M and a submarine for display to the public.Eight Tupolev-142 M aircraft were inducted into the navy in the year 1988. The Soviet-era aircraft, known for its formidable airborne reconnaissance platform around the world, were part of major naval exercises since its induction.Out of eight aircraft, two were re-assembled at Visakhapatnam and West Bengal. From the remaining aircraft, the navy and defence agreed to provide an aircraft submarine and missiles to Telangana.The objective is to promote the knowledge to the citizens of Hyderabad on the activities of the Indian navy and its service to the nation. COMMENT library and museum SHARE B Venkatesham, State Secretary Tourism. File Photo   –  The Hindu January 04, 2019 Seeks DRDO support, Tupolov TU for displaylast_img read more