A more French Real Madrid

first_imgZidane is Frenching Madrid, giving it a French touch that could be even greater in the coming months. When relieving Benítez he found two compatriots, Benzema and Varane, while the community of his country in the current squad is formed by the two mentioned, Mendy Areola. It could be installed in summer Eduardo Camavinga (17), Angolan by birth, raised in France and with a French passport. And Zizou, despite the very high difficulty of signing, does not forget Pogba (27). Also, at the Bernabéu they look at the very young Cherki (16) and Upamecano (21). In 2020-21 Madrid could be very French, challenging the record of 2017-18, in which there were four Gauls. Varane, Mendy and Benzema will be safe. Camavinga has many options, more than Areola, the almost impossible Pogba, a Luca now on loan at Racing and some Cherki and Upamecano who are only closely controlled at the moment. Regardless of the doubts, what is undeniable is the new white accent, which blends very well with the Portuguese of the Brazilians (with Reinier, six). Karim, landed in 2009, was followed by two youth squads who managed to poke their heads very punctually with the elders, Luca and Enzo Zidane, and Varane, recommended by ZZ when he started to shine at the Lens. Would also have his chance Theo Hernández, Marseille. And last summer they joined Ferland Mendy, another bet from the coach, and Areola, ceded by PSG, whose continuity next year will be valued. 9center_img 18 The historical account of French of Real Madrid is at 19. The presence and command of Zidane are nurturing this group that lost any presence for 24 years, until Louis Hon He became the first Frenchman with a Real Madrid professional record. Before the central they did their bit Normand, Juan Petit and René Petit. Then they did Luciano, Kopa, Muller and, more recently, Karembeu, Anelka, Makélélé, Zidane himself, Faubert and Benzema.last_img read more

Dr Paul Wright: IAAF needs fresh start

first_img NINE-DAY WONDER The sport of athletics needs a complete overhaul. The idea of men of ‘integrity’ volunteering to ‘serve the sport’ without any monetary reward has now been officially debunked. The findings of the Diack Pound-led WADA probe must never be allowed to be a nine-day wonder. The officials who have been indicted and suspended are but the tip of a very large iceberg. There many associates of the sleaze previously known as the IAAF that have to be exposed and removed from office. The call by British Athletics to expunge all the previous world records and to start anew may be extreme, but it is an idea that needs to be contemplated. This column has long reminded readers that there were leaders of athletics in many of the countries who were of the opinion that the ‘stars’ of the sport should be mollycoddled and supported no matter what and that any positive drug test by a ‘star’ must be (a) vehemently denied, and (b) if the tests are conclusive, blame the test, blame the tester, blame the procedure, but under no circumstances blame the athlete. We now know that many of the world’s top athletes have been able to be one step ahead of the tests and testers, and it is now conformed that some among the complicity of doctors, laboratories, and dope-control officers have been corrupt and complicit in allowing cheaters and downright crooks to continue to ‘trick us’. The Pound-led probe has exposed the dark underbelly of a corrupt organisation that can only begin to restore trust if ALL the principals of the organisation are removed. There can be no sacred cows. A fresh start is mandatory. The second aspect of the WADA-commissioned report on corruption in the sport of athletics was published last week. In summary, it stated that not only did the IAAF ‘s president and a powerful rogue group extort athletes and allow doping athletes to continue competing, but more damningly, the report stated that “far more members of the IAAF staff knew about the problems than has currently been acknowledged”. The present president of the IAAF, Lord Sebastian Coe, was a vice-president and an acknowledged “disciple” of the previous president, Lamine Diack, for eight years and yet swears that he knew nothing, he saw nothing, and heard nothing that could have aroused his interest or suspicion while the acts of corruption and bribery contained in the report were committed. Astonishingly, Lord Coe remains unfazed by these reports and continues as the leader of an international organisation that has lost all its credibility and the trust of athletes and fans worldwide. The leaders of football (FIFA), athletics (IAAF), and cricket (WICB) have been exposed by whistle-blowers (insiders and previous board members) and yet continue to insist that ‘everything criss’ until the police became involved. The world owes whistle-blowers a debt of gratitude that only time will be able to quantify.last_img read more

Nurses Use 3 Thermometers on Thousands

first_imgThe Government of Liberia has begun testing citizens in eight counties for the deadly Ebola disease.This testing of individuals is meant to control the spread from counties believed to be highly infected with the killer disease.Several counties, including Bomi, Lofa, Grand Cape Mount, Grand Bassa, Margibi Montserrado and Grand Gedeh, have been controlled to regulate the movement of people going in and out of those areas.The Daily Observer recently discovered that the control process as announced by the Liberian government took a different dimension as the temperatures of those leaving from one area to another were tested by nurses assigned at various checkpoints using only three thermometers.The testing process has been questioned by some segments of the Liberian society, including foreign nationals who visited Bomi over the weekend.Bomi County is among eight counties quarantined by the Liberian government.In an interview with the Daily Observer over the weekend, Mr. Shang Guan, a Chinese national, said the intention of the government is good but is also dangerous to the health of citizens and foreigners alike.Mr. Guan refused to be tested with any of the three thermometers used by the county health team at the Bomi checkpoint.He said the use of manual thermometers to check the temperature of travelers as a means of containing the spread of the deadly virus was not the right thing to do. Experts have said that one way the deadly Ebola virus is spread is through contact with bodily fluids. Thermometers are either inserted in the mouth or under the arm, both of which involve the transfer of saliva and sweat respectively.According to him, since the virus quickly spreads and kills 90% of its victims, it would be prudent for authorities at the Health Ministry to use advanced rather than standard thermometers that do not involve physical contact with individuals.“I was worried about taking the test because even if you have malaria your temperature will be high and even if that person has Ebola, it might spread to the others just by the use of the so few thermometers”, Mr. Guan said.He disclosed that what was even more scary to him was that all those who were being tested used the same three thermometers, with nurses having physical contact with travelers. Such a situation is highly risky for the people of Liberia.The Chinese national hailed Liberians as well as foreigners alike who have cooperated with the testing, but suggested that the limited thermometers being used must be well sanitized to avoid endangering the lives of others.Another Liberian, Oscar Dolo, who was seen at the checkpoint said, the process was poorly coordinated by the county health authorities.He added that the process was hampering their free movement from one area to another.“I came since this morning and spent over two hours at this checkpoint. Those health workers who were to come early were the last to arrive, keeping us here for hours.”According to Dolo, the process is good but he advised that the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare should handle the process properly to have it well done.  He added, “What is not done well is not done at all.”Speaking to a team of Liberian journalists under the supervision of the IREX and the Liberia Media Center training program, the Registered Nurse (RN) and focus person at the youth friendly center, Gabriel E. Moore, said the process is intended to run a fever test and not to carry out a complete physical test.Additionally, Mr. Moore said they were given a direct mandate to only carry out a fever test for people crossing over from one county to the other.“One of the signs of the Ebola virus is fever and so what we are basically doing is to just search for fever and if one has fever we send that person back to his or her community.” When asked by the team of reporters as to what was the next step if a person is diagnosed with fever, Mr. Moore said, the individual will be sent to his community and if there should be any other measure it would be communicated to the health team.Responding to the complaints made by passengers and drivers who expressed frustration with spending a night and several hours at the check point, Moore  admitted that they arrived at the area late on grounds that their mandate came late.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Female bus driver charged for assaulting Cop, resisting arrest

first_imgA route 48 minibus driver who allegedly assaulted a police officer and resisted arrest found herself before Senior Magistrate Leron Daly last week at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts.The first two charges against Amanita Saul read that on February 16, 2019, at the route 48 minibus park, Georgetown, she assaulted Constables LaRose and Woolford who were acting in the execution of their duties.Two other charges alleged that Saul, on the same day at the same location, behaved in a disorderly manner in regards to the peace officers and the public.The final charge alleged that Saul resisted arrest from the peace officers, who were acting in the execution of their duties.According to facts presented by Police Prosecutor Christopher Morris, on February 16, Saul was stopped by traffic officer LaRose and was instructed to go to the Brickdam Police Station.However, Saul allegedly behaved disorderly and assaulted Constable LaRose.Meanwhile, Constable Woolford, who also attempted to arrest Saul, was assaulted by the defendant, who continued behaving in a disorderly manner at that time.Saul denied the charges and was released on $95,000 bail. The case will continue on March 11, 2019.last_img read more

Intervention by int’l community “wholly necessary” – Jagdeo

first_imgElections 2020Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo has said that the recent intervention by the international community regarding the hosting of General and Regional Elections here was “wholly necessary”.Opposition Leader Bharrat JagdeoBefore caretaker President David Granger set the March 2, 2020 elections date last week and his subsequent issuance of the elections proclamation earlier this week, international pressure was continuing to mount on him and the Government. The United States, United Kingdom and the European Union, as well as the Commonwealth and the Organisation of American States (OAS), all issued statements urging the naming of an election date and for the Head of State to issue the proclamation.However, Foreign Affairs Minister Karen Cummings said that the pressure from the international community on the coalition government for constitutional compliance was “uncalled for”. “… We met with all stakeholders and members of the diplomatic corps and the President would have outlined the way forward. So all this agitation is uncalled for. We are a Government and we remain in power until another President is sworn in. March 2, wherever the chips fall, that is it,” she contended at a press conference earlier this week.But the following day, the Opposition Leader argued that it was necessary since it was the mounted pressure both locally and overseas that forced President David Granger to finally name a date for the much-anticipated elections.“It was unnecessary, that’s their view but for the whole country, this was very necessary because they were supposed to call elections since March 21, 2019 and they were unwilling to set a date until the international pressure and we stepped up the process. It was wholly necessary to get Granger to comply with the Constitution and to obey the ruling of the CCJ (Caribbean Court of Justice),” Jagdeo posited.The CCJ on June 18 had validated the December 2018 passage of the Opposition-tabled No-Confidence Motion against the coalition government, and in its subsequent orders on July 10, had stated that the NCM had given effect to Article 106 and triggered early elections.In fact, elections were due since March 21, 2019 but with the legal battles that ensued, that timeline was on pause and according to the Trinidad-based regional court, the elections timeline took effect from its June ruling, thus, making September 18, 2019 the new deadline for elections to be held.During Wednesday’s press conference, Minister Cummings said ‘Cabinet’ (which legally stands resigned following the Caribbean Court of Justice ruling in July) had “decided” that they will obey the law and has set a date as soon as possible for the holding of polls.A statement which did not sit well with Jagdeo.“Imagine, at the Cabinet level and the caucus they’ve decided that they will obey the rule of law. Can you imagine this, as though they had an option…,” he asserted.According to Jagdeo, “Paranoia has taken over Government and this happens to people who are embattled. They feel that everyone, the whole world is against them”.Furthermore, the Opposition Leader contended that President Granger did not do the country or anyone a favour by naming a date for elections or issuing the proclamation since he was constitutionally bound to do so.“Let us be clear that it was no favour to Guyana. In fact, if we trace how the proclamation was issued, it had to be dragged out of him. It took several acts of protest and also several statements from the international community, threatening the withholding of aid and declaring him unconstitutional to get him to do what he should have done a long time ago… and to get him to do what is legal and constitutional,” Jagdeo stressed.On this note, he reminded that setting the date and issuing the proclamation does not change the status of the caretaker coalition government, which he said remains unconstitutional.In fact, he added that even now the coalition administration is in “flagrant violation” of the Constitution and the rulings of the courts when the Cabinet, with impunity and almost in an ‘in your face’ kind of way, meets almost every week.Article 106, which the courts ruled was activated via the December 2018 passage of the No-Confidence Motion against the coalition, states that the Cabinet including the President shall resign and call elections in three months.last_img read more

Bale bows out on bench as Madrid blow season finale

first_imgNone were able to revive another dreary and disjointed Madrid performance, which concluded both the season and first phase of Zidane’s much-hailed return as coach.“The best thing for us is that it’s over and we can think about next year,” he said afterwards. “Because things will change, for sure.”As the players saluted the fans at the end, they were greeted by a chorus of whistles.By then, Bale was already off down the tunnel, perhaps aware that any attempt at a farewell could be given an even colder reception.“I’m sorry, I didn’t give Bale minutes today,” Zidane said. “But I don’t know what’s going to happen, I have to make decisions based on today and the match.”Zidane will rightly not be held culpable for most of Madrid’s failings this season, including finishing third in La Liga, 18 points behind Barcelona and eight adrift of Atletico Madrid, not to mention crashing out of the Champions League in the last 16.He will also not be blamed for their league total of 68 points, their lowest in 17 years, nor the 12 defeats. Real Madrid have not had more in a single league campaign since 1974.But even if few expected the deep-rooted problems to vanish after Zidane’s arrival in March, most Madrid fans would have hoped at least for signs of improvement.Instead, they have now won five of his 11 games in charge this season and out of the last five have won one and lost three. Some of the displays, including this one, were as bad as anything seen under either Julen Lopetegui or Santiago Solari.– ‘No excuses’ –“There are no excuses,” Zidane said. “It has been difficult from the start of the season and now at the end with me. That is the reality.”He has promised change over the summer and many in his squad here could leave — goalkeeper Keylor Navas, who was the subject of several affectionate chants during the game, as well as Nacho, Sergio Reguilon, Isco, Marcos Llorente and Bale.If this was to be Bale’s last appearance after six seasons, in which there have been numerous injuries but several trophies too, including four in the Champions League, it seemed a sorry way not to say goodbye.Betis confirmed coach Quique Setien would not return next season, after a turbulent campaign saw the club drop out of contention for Europe and finish 10th.Lionel Messi has hit the 30-goal mark in Spain for 11 seasons in a row © AFP / STRINGERLionel Messi finished the season as La Liga’s leading scorer with 36 goals, netting twice in a 2-2 draw at Eibar as he earned the Pichichi award for a record-equalling sixth time.Marc Cucurella gave Eibar a surprise lead on 20 minutes at Ipurua, driving under the body of reserve Barca goalkeeper Jasper Cillessen after a cushioned lay-off by Sergi Enrich.Messi responded with two goals in as many minutes on the half-hour, applying a pair of clinical finishes to assists from Arturo Vidal and Ivan Rakitic.Cillessen was again at fault though as Eibar levelled moments before the break, the Dutchman racing out his area to head clear only for Pablo De Blasis to volley superbly back over his head.The draw means Barcelona finish with 87 points, six fewer than last year. They have not hit a lower total since coming third in 2008 but it was still enough to end the season 11 clear of Atletico Madrid and 19 ahead of Real.Ernesto Valverde’s side will bid for a fifth consecutive Copa del Rey next weekend, but nothing can eradicate the sense of disappointment, still lingering from their nightmare in Europe.0Shares0000(Visited 5 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane oversees a last day defeat ahaed of what promises to be an action packed transfer window © AFP / PIERRE-PHILIPPE MARCOUMADRID, Spain, May 19 – Real Madrid delivered a suitably dreadful end to their miserable season, and Gareth Bale was not even given the chance to say a likely goodbye, as Zinedine Zidane’s side were beaten 2-0 at home to Real Betis on Sunday.Zidane had indicated this could be Bale’s final game ahead of an expected summer departure but the Welshman was left on the bench, made to watch on as three substitutes came on ahead of him at the Santiago Bernabeu.last_img read more

To progress in Iraq, we need more than just troops

first_imgToday, those who believe that Operation Iraqi Freedom was well-named and wise also believe that Petraeus’ surge is succeeding and that criticism of Iraq’s dysfunctional government is primarily a ploy by war critics to distract attention from that success. Petraeus, however, says his mission is to buy time for political reconciliation to occur. The recent National Intelligence Estimate said that although the surge is producing real if uneven security improvements, progress toward political reconciliation has been negligible and might be perishable. Hence the surge is a tactical success disconnected from the strategic objective it is supposed to serve. Americans awaiting a report from the studious Petraeus should know that, as Maj. Gen. David Huntoon, War College commandant, says, Petraeus’ intellectual qualifications (a Princeton Ph.D.) “are remarkable but not anomalous.” The officers here – 71 percent have served in Iraq, 34 percent in Afghanistan, many in both – are doing something their civilian leaders did negligently five years ago: thinking. They think America needs, in the words of one officer, “an expeditionary capacity other than military.” Officers here especially admire the introduction to the University of Chicago’s edition of the Counterinsurgency Field Manual. Written by Sarah Sewall of the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, it says: We see in Iraq “military doctrine attempting to fill a civilian vacuum.” In counterinsurgency, “nonmilitary capacity is the exit strategy,” which is problematic when “more people play in Army bands than serve in the U.S. foreign service.” Counterinsurgency “relies upon nonkinetic activities like providing electricity, jobs, and a functioning judicial system. … But U.S. civilian capacity has proved wholly inadequate in Afghanistan and Iraq.” The military is “in a quandary about the limits of its role” as it is forced “to assume the roles of mayor, trash collector and public works employer.” The Army has, and must have, a “can do” attitude. One of the things it must be able to do, however, is speak truth to America’s civilian leaders about what it cannot do. “That,” says one “can do” officer here, “goes against our military culture.” But another participant in a freewheeling discussion stresses the importance of “communicating risks to our civilian masters.” CARLISLE BARRACKS, Pa. – Officers studying at the Army War College walk the ground at nearby Gettysburg where George Pickett’s men walked across an open field under fire. They wonder, how did Confederate officers get men to do that? The lesson: Men can be led to places they cannot be sent. Today’s officers lead an Army that was sent into Iraq in 2003 and by 2004 the operation became, as an officer here says, “a deployment in search of a mission.” Since then, missions have multiplied. Today’s is to make possible an exit strategy. Gen. David Petraeus’ Army/Marine Corps Counterinsurgency Field Manual says counterinsurgency’s primary objective is to secure the civilian population rather than destroy the enemy. This inevitably involves the military in organizing civil society, a task that demands skill sets that are scarce throughout the government and have not hitherto been, and perhaps should not be, central to military training and doctrine. Nevertheless, the War College is coming to grips with the fact that what soldiers call “nonkinetic” – meaning nonviolent – facets of their profession are, in Iraq, perhaps 80 percent of their profession. For soldiers, the tempo of change, technological as well as intellectual (and technological change is a driver of intellectual change), is accelerating. For centuries, nations assumed that they could be seriously threatened only by other nations; that terrorism was a weapon of the weak and therefore a weak weapon; that wars are won by large decisive battles. America’s Weinberger-Powell doctrine of the 1980s seemed vindicated in 1991 in Operation Desert Storm: Force should be used as a last resort, overwhelmingly and on behalf of clearly defined objectives. That doctrine was jettisoned in 2003, when forces less than one-third the size of those deployed in 1991 for the modest objective of liberating Kuwait were sent into Iraq to implement grandiose nation-building and democracy-implanting objectives. One certainty is that America’s enemies understand what kind of war – protracted and inconclusive – saps America’s patience. An officer fresh from Afghanistan notes a Taliban axiom: “Americans have the watches but we have the time.” Some officers here recently visited Appomattox to help them think about “war termination.” Fortunately, thanks to the services’ institutions such as the War College, America’s remarkably reflective military services, their burdens promiscuously multiplied by civilians down the road in Washington, are up to another challenge that civilians have devolved to them: thinking. George Will’s e-mail address is georgewill@washpost.com.160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img read more


first_imgLeitrim star Paul Brennan is seeking a transfer from Melvin Gaels to Bundoran.Leitrim GAA star Paul Brennan has requested a transfer from his club Melvin Gaels to Bundoran.It is believed the reason Brennan wants the transfer is because he wants to pave a path into the Donegal set-up under new manager Rory Gallagher.Brennan has ambitions of competing at the very highest level inter-county football has to offer. It is believed he feels that the best option of achieving that is with Ulster SFC winners and All-Ireland Finalists Donegal.His transfer request comes hot on the heels of the decision by star forward Emlyn Mulligan to take a year out of the game.Rory Gallagher is continuing to run the rule over a number of club players he has regularly gathered for trials.Gallagher hopes the trials can unearth some players who are capable of performing at inter-county level having enjoyed good season with their clubs.   LEITRIM GAA STAR SEEKS DONEGAL SWITCH was last modified: December 3rd, 2014 by Mark ForkerShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:donegalGAAleitrimnewsPaul BrennanSportlast_img read more

Wolves vs Manchester City: TV channel, team news and kick-off time

first_imgChampions City have looked in ominous form in their opening two games, cruising past Arsenal and then spanking Huddersfield 6-1 at the Etihad.These sides met last season in the Carabao Cup, where Wolves took City to penalties after a 0-0 draw.What time is kick-off?This game will be held on Saturday, August 25.The early kick-off, things get going at 12.30pm.You have to go back to 2012 for the last Premier League meeting on this ground, where Sergio Aguero and Samir Nasri bagged for City in a 2-0 win.Which TV channel is it on?Coverage of the match will be available on Sky Sports Premier League, Main Event and Ultra HD.Coverage will start at 11:30am.Sky Sports subscribers can stream the match online via SkyGo, whilst you can pick up a NOW TV pass if you’re not a Sky customer. FOOTBALL LATEST Every Championship club’s best signing of the decade, including Taarabt and Dack Every current Premier League club’s best kit from the past decade Best clips, calls and talkSPORT moments of 2019, feat Hearn, McCoist and more 1 Tottenham v Brighton LIVE: talkSPORT commentary and team news for Boxing Day opener ALTERED Getty impact City smashed six past Huddersfield What is the team news?After sitting out the Huddersfield game, Raheem Sterling, Leroy Sane and Riyad Mahrez are all fresh and ready if needed.Kevin De Bruyne remains the long-term absentee and will be out for around three months with knee ligament damage.Wolves could start with record-signing Adama Traore, who came off the bench and looked sharp against Leicester. How the Premier League table could change after the Boxing Day fixtures smart causal gameday Ambitious Wolves welcome Manchester City to Molineux for the early Premier League kick-off.The home side were unfortunate to fall to a 2-0 defeat at Leicester last time out, whilst they drew 2-2 with Everton in their last home game. Tottenham predicted XI to face Brighton with Mourinho expected to make big changes highlights possible standings last_img read more

Local digest: Players commit, Huskies medal at MOC

first_imgSignings: Hunter SantscheArcata High’s Huner Santsche, a four-year varsity player for the school’s boys basketball team, signed a letter of intent to join the men’s basketball program at Sonoma State during a ceremony at the Vance Hotel, Sunday afternoon in Eureka.Santsche will join a Seawolves team which posted a 9-18 overall record last season. Sonoma State is a member of the California Collegiate Athletic Conference (CCAA), the same conference which houses Humboldt State.The 6-foot-4 …last_img read more