Student senate revises procedures, passes resolutions

first_imgStudent body vice president Becca Blais’s goals for this semester included some major reform of the Notre Dame student senate, including eliminating some aspects of parliamentary procedure and generally promoting greater efficiency of the body.“[Parliamentary Procedure] being removed from Senate has facilitated discussion,” Blais said. “We did retain the basic outline of meeting structure that [Parliamentary Procedure] provides and we do use it when it comes to voting, but other than that, it is totally out. We no longer have to deal with tedious motions of moving in and out of discussion, and Senators don’t have to be self-conscious about using the wrong motion or speaking out of turn in a debate. The removal of [Parliamentary Procedure] has definitely had a beneficial impact on Senate, especially in regard to flow of and access to discussion.”The first change Blais made was organizing senate into a number of smaller committees, each of which has a chairperson and meets weekly, beyond the senate meetings.“The committee structure has provided a critical lens for senators to view their topics, a small group for break-out discussion, and a bond between the senators,” Blais said in an email. “The four committee focuses have been applied to the topics that we discuss in senate, and they have been used to spur additional policy research by the senators outside of the larger senate meeting time.”Every senator sits on two committees, according to Blais, unless they are on the Campus Life Council.“Committees meet once a week to work on policy, and I meet once a week with the committee chairpeople to discuss those ideas and plans,” Blais said. “The break-out discussions have facilitated better large-group discussion within Senate, and they provide a forum for everyone to bounce ideas and have their voice heard. The bond has formed due to them having another level of interaction — the sustained interaction among the senators has facilitated some awesome friendships in senate.”Each committee has a clear, articulated vision and the reform has been effective in setting meaningful policy agendas in a smaller group setting, Blais said.“Structurally, I think that senate’s greatest accomplishment has been the reconfigure of what is means to be a senator and student leader at Notre Dame,” she said. “Senators have taken on huge leadership roles, and they have brilliantly risen to occasion.”In the 16 meetings since the Robinson-Blais administration took office, the student senate has passed 16 resolutions on a variety of topics, ranging from the elimination of some elements of parliamentary procedure to a resolution calling on University President Fr. John Jenkins to make Notre Dame a sanctuary campus.The student senate has also heard several presentations throughout the year and were one of the first student groups to hear about the upcoming renovations to North Dining Hall. Additionally, they heard from representatives from the Title IX office, the Career Center, the Office of Community Standards and the Office of Student Enrichment, among others.Outside of the weekly senate meetings, a number of student senators have begun getting dinners together in order to discuss a their different ideas, Blais said.All senators have undergone GreeNDot bystander training this year, which has yielded a positive reaction from the senators on the whole, according to a midterm survey Blais issued to the senators.Student body president Corey Robinson said senate had been undervalued, but he said he appreciates the reforms that were made.“When you see what [Blais] did with it — giving senators autonomy, giving them responsibility and telling senators they can address any issues they want to — they’re excited to draft resolutions.” Tags: 2016 Student Government Insider, Notre Dame Student Senate, Senate, student senatelast_img read more

Local teams compete in PVC track championships

first_imgBREWER — Local high school track and field teams participated in their penultimate competitions over the weekend at the Penobscot Valley Conference championships in Brewer and Caribou.Ellsworth and Mount Desert Island competed in the Large-School meet Friday in Brewer. The meet pitted the Eagles and Trojans against Bangor, Brewer, Foxcroft, Hampden Academy, Hermon, John Bapst, Old Town and Presque Isle.Bucksport, Deer Isle-Stonington, George Stevens Academy and Sumner made the trip to Caribou on Saturday for the PVC Small-School championships. Caribou, Central and Orono were among the other Small-School competitors in the Class C field.Qualified athletes will compete in the state championships at 10 a.m. Saturday, June 2. Ellsworth and MDI will compete in the Class B championships in Dover-Foxcroft, and Bucksport, Deer Isle-Stonington, GSA and Sumner will compete in the Class C championships in Waterboro.This is placeholder textThis is placeholder textBelow is a list of the top-three local finishers and all team scores for both the boys’ and girls’ events.PVC Large-School meetBoys’ 100-meter dash9. Jack Sandone, Ellsworth, 11.86 seconds10. Colby Lee, Mount Desert Island, 11.8914. Javon Williams, Ellsworth, 12.14Boys’ 200-meter dash3. Griffin Maristany, MDI, 22.978. Owen Mild, MDI, 23.5411. Javon Williams, Ellsworth, 24.85Boys’ 400-meter dash2. Griffin Maristany, MDI, 51.233. Owen Mild, MDI, 51.5411. Mike Kazmierczak, Ellsworth, 58.68Boys’ 800-meter run6. Jose Chumbe, MDI, 2:10.908. Stephen Grierson, MDI, 2:15.0312. Calvin Partin, MDI, 2:19.72Boys’ 1,600-meter run9. Beckett Markosian, Ellsworth, 5:02.4611. Stephen Grierson, MDI, 5:08.57Boys’ 3,200-meter run3. Matt Shea, Ellsworth, 10:34.728. Nick Cormier, Ellsworth, 11:16.08Boys’ 110-meter hurdles2. Elijah Joyce, MDI, 16.0012. Benton Bird, Ellsworth, 19.67Boys’ 300-meter hurdles3. Elijah Joyce, MDI, 44.544. Jack Sandone, Ellsworth, 44.6314. Benton Bird, Ellsworth, 51.46Boys’ 4-by-100 relay1. MDI, 45.435. Ellsworth, 47.73Boys’ 4-by-400 relay1. MDI, 3:32.616. Ellsworth, 4:00.21Boys’ 4-by-800 relay4. MDI, 9:04.828. Ellsworth, 9:47.02Boys’ 1,600-meter race walkNo local resultsBoys’ high jump3. Nate Mason, Ellsworth, 5 feet, 8 inches7. Billy Kerley, MDI, 5-48. Deandre Reid, MDI, 5-4Boys’ long jump5. Javon Williams, Ellsworth, 19-2 3/411. Billy Kerley, MDI, 18-013. Nate Mason, Ellsworth, 16-11Boys’ triple jump10. Billy Kerley, MDI, 36-2Boys’ shot put2. Croix Albee, MDI, 53-63. Gilbert Isaacs, MDI, 46-0 1/25. Samuel Hoff, MDI, 44-11 1/2Boys’ discus throw2. Croix Albee, MDI, 158-86. Samuel Hoff, MDI, 121-47. Micah Hallett, MDI, 120-3Boys’ javelin throw5. Elijah Joyce, MDI, 134-66. Croix Albee, MDI, 132-117. Micah Hallett, MDI, 130-0Boys’ pole vault6. Elijah Denning, MDI, 10-610. Ben Freudig, MDI, 9-6Boys’ team scores4. MDI, 87.510. Ellsworth, 21Girls’ 100-meter dash1. Ashley Anderson, MDI, 12.492. Adriana Novella, MDI, 13.208. Marilyn Sawyer, MDI, 13.51Girls’ 200-meter dash1. Ashley Anderson, MDI, 25.958. Adriana Novella, MDI, 29.06Girls’ 400-meter dash1. Zoe Olson, MDI, 1:03.1310. Emma McKechnie, Ellsworth, 1:10.15Girls’ 800-meter run3. Zoe Olson, MDI, 2:28.544. Margo Kenyon, Ellsworth, 2:31.036. Caitlin MacPherson, Ellsworth, 2:33.70Girls’ 1,600-meter run3. Caitlin MacPherson, Ellsworth, 5:42.776. Abby Mazgaj, Ellsworth, 5:54.5610. Olivia Johnson, MDI, 6:08.56Girls’ 3,200-meter run7. Katelyn Osborne, MDI, 13:10.548. Lillian Frank, Ellsworth, 13:14.909. Olivia Watson, MDI, 13:45.84Girls’ 100-meter hurdles13. Emma McKechnie, Ellsworth, 19.2615. Sydney Garrity, Ellsworth, 20.06Girls’ 300-meter hurdles6. Marilyn Sawyer, MDI, 52.06Girls’ 4-by-100 relay1. MDI, 50.845. Ellsworth, 58.50Girls’ 4-by-400 relay1. MDI, 4:17.366. Ellsworth, 4:53.45Girls’ 4-by-800 relayNo local resultsGirls’ 1,600-meter race walkNo local resultsGirls’ high jump6. Emma McKechnie, Ellsworth, 4-612. Julia Perconti, MDI, 4-2Girls’ long jump14. Anna Brown, Ellsworth, 14-316. Loren Genrich, MDI, 14-1Girls’ triple jumpNo local resultsGirls’ shot put3. Alicia Norberg, MDI, 31-1 3/45. Mackenzie Hanna, MDI, 30-10 1/2Girls’ discus throw2. Mackenzie Hanna, MDI, 103-910. Alicia Norberg, MDI, 73-5Girls’ javelin throw7. Mackenzie Hanna, MDI, 84-99. Alicia Norberg, MDI, 70-11Girls’ pole vaultNo local resultsGirls’ team scores3. MDI, 798. Ellsworth, 13PVC Small-School meetBoys’ 100-meter dash4. Carter Tolmasoff, Bucksport, 12.457. Tyson Gray, Bucksport, 12.619. Daniel Li, George Stevens Academy, 12.69Boys’ 200-meter dash6. Tyson Gray, Bucksport, 26.338. Nate Sawyer, Bucksport, 26.569. Ti Janla, Sumner, 26.63Boys’ 400-meter dash7. Nate Sawyer, Bucksport, 56.1012. Joshua Crocker, Sumner, 59.3113. Michael Moon, GSA, 59.98Boys’ 800-meter run4. Meredith Bradshaw Thomas, GSA, 2:07.236. Logan Carter, Sumner, 2:16.00Boys’ 1,600-meter run3. Brendan Penfold, Deer Isle-Stonington, 4:39.086. Luke Barnes, Sumner, 4:58.80Boys’ 3,200-meter run2. Brendan Penfold, DI-S, 10:29.514. Luke Barnes, Sumner, 10:48.65Boys’ 110-meter hurdles7. Henry Scheff, GSA, 18.9611. Bryce Coombs, Sumner, 21.30Boys’ 300-meter hurdles3. Jeremiah Scheff, GSA, 45.475. Henry Scheff, GSA, 47.937. Bryce Coombs, Sumner, 48.88Boys’ 4-by-100 relay5. GSA, 50.227. Sumner, 52.06Boys’ 4-by-400 relay4. GSA, 3:58.806. Sumner, 4:09.61Boys’ 4-by-800 relay2. GSA, 9:19.195. Sumner, 10:21.08Boys’ 1,600-meter race walk4. Parker Allen, GSA, 9:52.688. Nyamh Wolf, GSA, 10:09.02Boys’ high jump5. Thiraphong Janla, Sumner, 5-47. Henry Scheff, GSA, 5-4Boys’ long jump6. Daniel Li, GSA, 17-5 1/4Boys’ triple jump2. Daniel Bunker, Bucksport, 39-11 3/46. Henry Scheff, 36-0 3/49. Austin Clement, Bucksport, 32-1 3/4Boys’ shot putNo local resultsBoys’ discus throwNo local resultsBoys’ javelin throw7. Gavin Billings, Bucksport, 120-511. Tyson Gray, Bucksport, 112-212. Ian Renwick, GSA, 110-5Boys’ pole vaultNo local resultsBoys’ team scores6. GSA, 3210. DI-S, 1412. Sumner, 1113. Bucksport, 9Girls’ 100-meter dash7. Gabby Richardson, Sumner, 14.138. Meaghan Goodine, Bucksport, 14.339. Grace Broughton, GSA, 14.33Girls’ 200-meter dash4. Meaghan Goodine, Bucksport, 29.706. Addie Morrison, Bucksport, 30.2110. Gabby Richardson, Sumner, 30.57Girls’ 400-meter dash5. Meaghan Goodine, Bucksport, 1:06.296. Addie Morrison, Bucksport, 1:06.71Girls’ 800-meter dash1. Mary Brenna Catus, GSA, 2:29.756. Schyler Dorr, GSA, 2:47.637. Zeya Lorio, GSA, 2:49.70Girls’ 1,600-meter runNo local resultsGirls’ 3,200-meter runNo local resultsGirls’ 100-meter hurdles1. Eliza Broughton, GSA, 17.933. Mazie Smallidge, GSA, 19.07Girls’ 300-meter hurdles2. Eliza Broughton, GSA, 50.585. Grace Broughton, GSA, 53.08Girls’ 4-by-100 relay4. Sumner, 57.215. GSA, 57.85Girls’ 4-by-400 relay3. GSA, 4:29.557. Sumner, 5:13.32Girls’ 4-by-800 relay1. GSA, 10:50.90Girls’ 1,600-meter race walkNo local resultsGirls’ high jump7. Emily Erickson, Bucksport, 4-2Girls’ long jump7. Alyssa Graychase, 12-11 1/4Girls’ triple jump5. Mazie Smallidge, GSA, 29-6 1/29. Abby Terry, Bucksport, 26-9 1/2Girls’ shot put2. LeeAnn Varnum, GSA, 28-5 1/46. Brookelyn Knowles, Bucksport, 26-1 1/2Girls’ discus throw12. Brookelyn Knowles, Bucksport, 57-213. Ava Knowles, Bucksport, 50-10Girls’ javelin throw7. Kaylee Knowles, Bucksport 80-413. Blue Howard, Sumner, 65-3Girls’ pole vault3. Ava Sealander, GSA, 7-67. Zeya Lorio, GSA, 6-08. Gabriyah Gadsby, GSA, 5-0Girls’ team scores4. GSA, 719. Bucksport, 912. Sumner, 4last_img read more