Future website design than the site to optimize the value


has always said that the site is not designed to make money, put a lot of manpower, and finally earn a cabbage turnip price, but the vine was found to Baidu website designers to prepare a way to get rich.

before we have been evaluating in website design increasingly transparent, everything can be copied (for more sharing), as long as you change LOGO, change the name of the enterprise, change the color may today design style, tomorrow is the other enterprises use (especially large the network company, with experience, making the long hand on the template style much beyond count including early by the customer, not out, so now on sale a set of procedures ranging from 100~1000 yuan and sadly users. Very helpless because of budget problems to silently accept these things), there is no concept of marketing and promotion of many of the early web design concept, a large number of JS effects and unqualified website code label is now in the process Its loopholes appeared one after another., the browser upgrade soon, early websites have not compatible, although by the designer tinkering, but only the code change more and more chaos. Since Baidu hit lead enterprise website into a new age of revolution, which we have been wanting to work or enterprise cost savings, can earn more profit, the use of cheap domain name and space, and can be copied website templates and procedures to the customer, but eventually found by using template class construction sites have been many Baidu relentlessly blocked.


a, web site structure is similar, and long-term not update

many friends said, rattan design right, the style I bought is novel station, while others bought is the news station, and some movie network, why my site because of similar structure and not be Baidu fancy, human is a low quality station? One may be ignored, many websites actually doesn’t have the ability to update, because all the data is reproduced and, through a large number of plagiarism and improper words, resulting in Baidu on site is not friendly.

so you can see one of the most obvious effect, although the webmaster network is using dedecms, but he will go to modify the interface, re layout keywords, making the site’s trust to strengthen. Basic can change the first forum or portal station or enterprise station, are based on the reason of the more humane transformation and keyword layout, only to have the difference to win the best experience of the engine.

two, the use of popular web site style, such as free site system, self-help Station System

The existing

station system, you can go to the webmaster tools in the casual, few weight is very high, because the internal structure of them are the same, and the general service system will own the style recommended to support than used in the design of website, so the style of medical websites, all designed to do all.

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