2012 Chongqing excellent nternet site selection registration

2012 Chongqing excellent Internet site selection activities, online registration on the official launch in March 7th, online registration can log on to the official website (http://s.www.cqis.org.cn/2012/) for registration.

at present, the selection activities are in full swing, and by the community’s attention and support. Two days before the start of the event, the registration site has reached up to 318, micro-blog activities forwarded by the second time, comments on the 516 time, the social repercussions warm.

reporting requirements:

1, the city of Chongqing through the Ministry of industry to record the site, or access to value-added telecommunications business license Internet site;

2, the website of the social organizations in Chongqing City, registered in the Chongqing business management department of the enterprise website;

3, a sound management system, the use of modern management tools, good economic benefits of Internet sites;

4, law-abiding, health, service content rich website;

5, technical innovation, business model innovation, high visibility, good reputation of the people of Chongqing website priority.

other registration:

mail and fax registration: (March 1st to March 20th)

will be sent directly to the mailbox: [email protected], [email protected] or fax to 023-66055580-222, 023-68586386 can apply.

activity official website: (http://s.www.cqis.org.cn/2012/)

micro-blog interactive address: (http://s.event.weibo.com/373078)

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