2014 Hunan nternet entrepreneurs conference held in September 27th

September 29 news, the 2014 Hunan Internet entrepreneurs conference held in Gold Source Hotel Changsha in September 27th. The general assembly to "cross-border integration opportunities" as the theme, the study on e-commerce, local site operators, WeChat / micro-blog marketing, mobile Internet and other hot topics in the current Internet, build a display platform for the exchange of Hunan and the country’s owners and entrepreneurs.

The conference is jointly sponsored by the

A5 Adsense nets, Huasheng online, Tencent Hunan network, to the door, Sohu, Hua Yun Chatteris data, Ali cloud, maritime network, accelerate the music co assembly also received strong support from 51IDC, love net, wave software, Baidu Union, CMSTOP, king of the network, from all over the country over more than 500 Internet entrepreneurs to participate in the meeting.

Changsha Electronic Commerce Association Wang Yingping as a guest in his speech, Wang Yingping said the Hunan Internet entrepreneur environment is getting better and better, the policy of business support is more and more big, but entrepreneurs in the Taobao business opportunity has little to do with a small and micro mall beauty platform has certain development prospects, finally I wish the conference a complete success.



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in the keynote session, from Ningzhe network Zhou Ning, Ali cloud senior operations experts, but sand 360 League director Guo Jijun, Sohu technology products center senior business director Li Tiantian to the door, CEO Xu Huabiao, CEO Gong Dawei, who Tencent product innovation department responsible person Zhang Sheng, Huayun data Zhang Baojian, Yue Qin Jing, wave acceleration network security, HiShop founder Yang Bin responsible for the mobile Internet community operators, cloud computing, from the media, local e-commerce and other topics of invoice keynote speech, a wonderful view of the guests won applause.

in the roundtable dialogue session, from Ningzhe network founder Zhou Ning, 0731 He Jinwei, founder of the real estate network wearing jump, Hunan Mama Xiao Jinsong, Chenzhou information port according to the local Li seagull website how to combine o2o expressed their views and specific practice and experience sharing, and interaction with the audience, to discuss the current hot topic 020.

According to the organizers

A5 webmaster Chen Guoqiang said, as one has a long history and good meeting meeting background of Internet entrepreneurs Conference – Hunan Internet entrepreneurs conference in Hunan Changsha has been successfully held, the Internet has become a platform for the exchange of trade in Hunan province with visibility and influence, by many Internet entrepreneurs attention, welcome and praise by the Internet webmaster.

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