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developer Dicoding Indonesia online community in Jakarta has just launched a week, they announced the completion of the seed round of financing, the investor is Indonesia local media DailySocial financing amount has not been announced. After this financing, DailySocial’s CMO Harlyadi will join the board of Dicoding Rahmat.

Dicoding consists of a team of 7 people, since the line in January 5th, they have attracted more than 750 Indonesian application developers to become their registered users. After this financing, they will expand the team to add new features to the site, such as payment functions. In addition, they will be in other Southeast Asian countries to expand the market.

Dicoding aims to build a platform for Indonesia between the technology market and the developers, they are not developers to provide a support community, developers can communicate in here to learn, improve their professional level. The two co founders of the company is Kevin Kurniawan and Narenda Wicaksono, they will regularly publish some of the challenges in the community, these challenges developers can get points, these points can be used to exchange various awards website, these awards including but not limited to the intelligent mobile phone and notebook computer equipment etc..

DailySocial founder Rama Mamuaya said: "as a very concerned about science and technology media company, Dicoding is in our view a may change the state of Indonesia start-ups, and for mobile application developers around the world, Indonesia is one of the most important market."

Dicoding currently supports Google Play, apple App Store and Microsoft Windows Phone Store app store. Kurniawan and Wicaksono believe that Indonesia has become a mobile application market of the world’s most important potential, founder and developer technology enterprises should strive to meet the needs of the users of tens of millions of mobile devices.

Dicoding profit model for the enterprise user charges, enterprise users can pay to find excellent programmers and developers on the platform. In simple terms, Dicoding is like a marriage agency, when the enterprise users to find the right developer, the two sides will be on the treatment of private and working methods and other specific issues.

Wicaksono said: "Dicoding will provide help for information technology companies in indonesia. We hope that Dicoding will be able to help Indonesia to create more developers and develop

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