nternet writer the value of the nternet

foreign marketing has been " abandon " blog marketing, go straight to the next theme of the Internet: community marketing. Famous social media sites to join the network will be the most common form of social media, such as blogs, podcasts, Witkey, forums, communities and other elements together. With the online home work mechanism of Witkey, together with the social media platform to maximize the aggregate content, Internet writer, created by Internet writer to spread content and focus bombarded users eye, thereby maximizing the catch base of Internet users. The idea is that the Internet is written. Internet writer "writing" is the fundamental.

to join the network as an emerging social media site, mining and promotion in writing value, it is with the "Internet writer" what is the inevitable relationship between


to join the network Internet writer at. Non internet writer read emotion, mood.according to vent out, so he wrote. Can not distinguish between the reader and the writer’s boundaries, like modern stage play, blurred the boundaries between the actor and the audience. Hand in hand on the social media platform, everyone has the opportunity, as long as you write well will be recognized and encouraged by the online work home. Hand in hand to meet your sense of achievement. And the sense of achievement is buried in the deep needs of people. Here, you get the satisfaction, and hand in hand net got PV. Everybody ‘s happy。

in Web Mining and marketing of "Internet writer" writing value, not only rely on Internet writer to create content, more is to join the network in achieving business value under the premise of clear writing task. "Internet writer" in the sense of achievement drive, receive and complete the online tasks. "Not Internet writer" writing arbitrary value. "Internet writer writing" the value lies in the integration of commercial value and literature value.


network "Internet writer" Writing: blog online electronic diaries, essays, sales and advertising copy and creative fiction writing, writing, writing community cards and comments on poetry, and non fiction books, newspaper articles, website articles, sales letters, Copywriting (sales of products and services, etc.).

to join the network "Internet writer" writing is different from the value in the network more influential "Internet writer writing" creative writing "ghost chuideng", is affected by the "Internet writer" fried fire Mu Zimei. Of course, hand in hand does not rule out the impact of the network in order to maximize the number of users to seize the base. However, the writing form of hand in hand tends to Copywriting. To join the network mining and the promotion of "Internet writer writing" value is the value of Copywriting.

it is difficult to translate the Chinese meaning of Copywriting accurately. Some people say it is soft, it is said that it is a copy of sales. "Internet writer" is also called software writers. Copywriting uses highly creative text to describe your potential customer products or services in your customer awareness

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