Public comment on the acquisition of a child learning founder Lv Guangyu joined the public comment

according to the news of the Tencent news, public comment announced the acquisition of a wholly owned parent education O2O platform children learn, children learn founder Lv Guangyu joined the public comment as chief operating officer (COO).


"child learning" is a tutor O2O platform, the teacher can be directed at the main student’s extracurricular counseling, focusing on the field of non examination education, such as calligraphy, art and other fields. "The child" was originally called "children learn what" (previously reported here), a 0-18 year old children choose closed loop shopping guide platform tutoring course, parents can find nearby institutions, view the curriculum and teacher information, and on-line courses on the platform reservation.

founder Lv Guangyu child "has served as general manager of the Alibaba, large area group vice president, anjuke group COO. 2013, Lv Guangyu founded parent child education O2O platform, children learn". This time, the public comment on the child "for the acquisition of a wholly-owned acquisitions," children "will continue to operate independently, Lu Guangyu will continue to serve as chairman of the children learn", continue to lead the team.

and join the public comment, Lv Guangyu will be mainly responsible for public comment trading platform business and the company’s overall sales operation system. Public comment CEO Zhang Tao believes that the rich experience in the field of local life (especially parenting education O2O), will help the public comment to become a better service platform for.

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