Yuantong express a single source related leak investigation reselling site has been shut down

online reselling tact express a single event shocking. Reporters yesterday informed that the investigation is on the Yuantong express express a single number of leakage source, related reselling site has been shut down.


event after exposure, Shanghai postal administration requires tact strict implementation of information security responsibility and accountability system, the key is established courier service information security management specialized institutions, norms signed security agreements with the business enterprise, the safety responsibility system is not in place to implement the franchise outlets veto system. In addition to effectively implement information confidentiality agreements signed with employees, strict accountability.

a senior said, has been combined with business partners, expand mutual check information system interface, search for information leakage source; united information technology partners, sort out and rectify thoroughly on information security management, upgrade the express information security management level; hotline to the public, for users to report illegal reselling express a single number. Yuantong also organized specialized personnel to carry out 24-hour network monitoring work, to prevent the phenomenon of reselling a stirring among the dry bones "".

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