Hundreds of millions of public images to find 95 after the popular color Tencent excellent figure to

although artificial intelligence has been there for decades, but from the beginning of 2016 seems to have entered the outbreak, unmanned, man-machine war, deep learning, face recognition, algorithm model, open source…… Become the key words in this field. Whether it is Microsoft, foreign Amazon, Google, NVIDIA, or domestic BAT are betting on artificial intelligence.


artificial intelligence in the end what is the trend in the future, and how to use, from the mouth of some entrepreneurs and industry, perhaps you can find a little direction. "Kevin ·" founding editor of Wired magazine; Kelly predicted that "artificial intelligence will become the infrastructure like hydroelectric; Baidu founder and CEO Robin Li called" the Internet scene is artificial intelligence; innovation works founder Li Kaifu believes that "the more the unicorn in the next 10 years is the field of artificial intelligence".

although there is no company to rely entirely on artificial intelligence to make money, but UBS released the report predicts that the market size is expected to reach $120 billion -1800. Since 2016, Baidu has launched an open source depth learning platform PaddlePaddle, Baidu brain, robotics, etc.. Compared to Baidu in the field of artificial intelligence, high-profile, Tencent layout in the field is more "". In the same year, Tencent established the Institute of artificial intelligence Tencent AI Lab, Tencent launched a large data open source high-performance computing platform Angel.

at present, with the continuous development of artificial intelligence technology, Google, Tencent and other companies began cross-border fashion circle. The day before, belongs to Tencent social network business group (SNG) and the Tencent map by using face recognition and image processing technology, analysis of a billion QQ space album public photos (2016), combined with 95 after the clothing sales data, found the 95 most love color, love the fashion trend and collocation etc. grade. The application scene, will also work with the designer Zhang Chi, in the New York international fashion week to create a The Present & (The Future) pioneer fashion show.

, vice president of Tencent, the group Youtu Laboratory Manager Liang Zhu said: "the machine learning and face recognition based on image processing technology has been the future technology development focus, its scope of application is very extensive, landing scene. With the help of QQ space photo album of large image data and user needs feedback, AI image recognition technology has been very mature, and widely used in different scenarios." The cross-border cooperation, but also the application of artificial intelligence technology in the field of bold fashion.

found 95 popular color, need to address the technical difficulties?

according to "AI+ fashion: China’s 95 popular color report" data, China’s young people after the 95 favorite

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