People’s daily exposure one yuan purchase trap the existence of operational risks hidden risks

according to the people’s Daily reported, Beijing Fangshan District City, Xiao Wu recently hooked on NetEase "a yuan of Indiana APP, from time to time to see what they have not won a prize, or see new products and other people share one sun". Wu Yue, who recently passed "Indiana yuan" to buy a lot of goods, a small bag of snacks, to a car, most of the goods on the platform as long as 1 dollars will be able to participate in the.


reporter in the online search "one yuan purchase", there are many called "one yuan Indiana", "1 yuan purchase cloud" and "one yuan grab treasure" website, the platform operating roughly the same way: user login and register, see mobile phone, digital home appliances, food and beverage business platform the common goods in the home can, some platforms even launched gold, cars and houses. Users can choose to purchase the goods on the website, "has been involved in real time display of goods", "always be people" and "surplus people" and other information, selected to purchase copies or people, you can get the number of payment, and then wait for the announced, "lucky number". Simple operating process, coupled with the mobile client and the Internet to facilitate the payment of the operation is very convenient, the whole process is not more than 1 minutes.

information from a number of sites to see, a number of popular commodity participation is very high, such as an apple 6S phone, 5 minutes to complete the whole process from the shelves announced to win the user.

small Wu Yue, although it is a dollar shopping, but if you want to increase the odds of winning a commodity, or to buy a variety of goods, the cumulative cost is still a lot of. He has spent more than 300 yuan, but nothing in the past.

University in Shandong, Qingdao Jingchi Shaw said, some time ago, he downloaded an Internet company mobile phone client after 10 yuan red envelope, participation in the "one yuan Indiana" to try their luck, but really in an apple iWatch watch. "But then spent forty or fifty, no, no longer buy."

one yuan purchase platform also spawned a series of derivatives industry: some consumers complain that it was difficult to find the award, there is "master" Indiana sharing skills, also launched the "purchase" generation cloud auxiliary "pumping" service. A "cloud shopping assistant" staff said: "350 yuan a month to buy the right to use the software, the probability of winning can be as sure as a gun."

with the purchase of a more and more popular, the number of participants grew rapidly, but there are a lot of users and therefore a lot of losses. According to reports, a small business owner for more than a year in the "one yuan Indiana lost about 3000000 yuan, resulting in business failures, credit card overdraft serious; one from Hunan rural users 4 days lost 160 thousand yuan…… In the sun to share a single area, we see a lot of users leave a message, and some complain too much investment, harvest is not worth, and some questioned the way to determine the winning user unfair, participated in many unsuccessful.

is not a lottery, not all chips

one yuan to buy lottery tickets with the same? According to the relevant provisions of China’s lottery by Finance

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