B2C electricity supplier go from here the future will be C2B model transformation

Author: Jiang Qiping

B2C electricity supplier in the field, territory dispute intensified, Tmall, Jingdong, Suning launched a "catch on the athletic field, the strongest in the history of the electricity supplier price war". This phenomenon reflects the current e-commerce in China is the "price war" model led this reality.

behind this phenomenon, subject to some kind of business mechanics. The most basic mechanical relationship between China’s e-commerce, is the relationship between the pony and cart – e-commerce this pony accounted for less than 5% of the volume of transactions, and the entity of the car accounted for about $95%. Price war led Chinese e-commerce, is determined by the relative relationship between the pony and cart.

we can analysis the relationship from two aspects: one is to explore the electronic commerce the pony, restricted by the business entity to the cart, that behind the electricity supplier price war factors; explore how to fit the pony cart, so he must have to fall into a price war, that the reality of the electricity supplier price war; two is to explore how to use the new horse driven cart strategy embodies the wisdom, must get rid of destiny. Explain the value source of Chinese e-commerce out of the price war.

B2C electricity supplier go from here? Once said: B2C is just a transitional business model, the future of the real business model is C2B (CustomerTo Business).

B2C because of reality, so it is reasonable; C2B because reasonable, it will become a reality.

B2C is just a transitional business model

1, the traditional constraints of electricity supplier development

1) electricity supplier planet is about

to measure the strength of the transaction, the current strength of e-commerce and physical commerce, compared to about 5% to about 95%.

compared with the total retail sales of social commodities, the proportion of total retail sales is still low. According to the Ministry of commerce data, in 2010 the total retail sales of social consumer goods 15 trillion and 450 billion yuan, while B2C data is only $104 billion, accounting for only $0.7%. In the home appliance industry, SKYWORTH and taobao.com, pat Network, Jingdong mall and other online channels of cooperation, sales accounted for only about 4% of the overall sales of Jingdong; all the mall is only 10 billion yuan, accounting for less than 1% of sales of home appliances market, Suning Appliance sales accounted for the proportion of less than 1/7. In the apparel industry, in 2009 the domestic apparel market sales of 13000 yuan, while the proportion of apparel retail sales accounted for less than.

says this is for Tmall, Jingdong, Suning price war a new explanation: if the 95% share of the business entity prevailing price war, only 5% of the "electronic commerce", it is only the asteroid around the price war to run. This does not depend on Tmall, Jingdong, Suning itself is willing to subjective. The most typical is Ma >

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