A small site planning book


the idea not what strange things, things are not what the content of science and technology, but you have to understand that there are 2 points that you should pay attention to:

1, no novelty and no technical content of things, not necessarily good stuff. As long as the user feel convenient and easy to use the value of investment;

I have

for an example: how to use a step on the Internet to find a Beijing – Shanghai train ticket price? Only one step, does not need to search, do not need to enter other sites, users do not need to leave the current page, a step get train ticket price, I say is the price, the final result, you can consider, not a search can be achieved, but step search can be. The use of innovative methods and technical updates, without any harassment of the user to get the final results, google/baidu/yahoo/ can not do.

in competitors, because we do is integrated search, so it will bring traffic to these engines, as long as our traffic is large enough, our relationship is cooperation rather than competition, as well as yok.com live now. Yok is not our competitors? Yok hope all people to log on to his website with his search, a search step no site concept is just a tool, this difference determines our radically different mode of operation, he is a popular website, I want the popularity of my tools, a search can be said to have no website also, don’t expect the site to make money, is a tool used by the user to other search engines to flow, and then get into, because there is no website, so no advertising, good user experience.

: income above that, you can imagine, at the bottom of a website has a toolbar, without any advertising, just provide the search function, and the characteristics of the search function is a step in your search results. We use the integrated search to get the search.

The difficulty of

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