n the eyes of social media marketers not only the value of advertising

usually, we think the idea of social media: for we are in a new way, as a marketer, consumers can access, build relationships, participate in community users purchase products. I said, this is what we think of the media, because the formation of the relationship between social media and give it is very special, very powerful, very groundbreaking. Through social media, we should think about narrowing the distance between our brands and consumers.

but this is not our only view of social media. Now, each of us can not only embrace the media, and use it as a more real marketer, and can use it in advertising.

advertising, I do not just refer to the Facebook platform to buy advertising space. I mean by using the media to tell people about product information, prompting people to click, and then promote product sales.

of course, you can’t just advertise in social media. Someone will tell you it’s like walking into people’s bedrooms and showing people your new products. You can’t even get into the front door, or where the front door is. Or whether there is a front door. You can use social media to do advertising, but you have to start taking important action.

has a number of Web sites that start looking for interesting things in the analysis. Most likely, the first traffic source is a search engine. However, the chart is the social networking site Facebook Twitter., sometimes you can use the public analysis tools such as Compete. for example, for wireless carriers with T-Mobile, Facebook has driven the flow of 6%. of the company’s Web site a month has about 6 million 100 thousand users, of which 366 thousand from the first step of Facebook., in the social media advertising to know your company has a website traffic from social networking sites. If you use the analysis package, you can easily get the data from most of the first-class reports. If you do not use the analysis package, learn to use a toolkit from now on.

traffic standards are also important. Because you need to compare the results with the standard. You can decide to increase the number of users visiting the site or increase the proportion of traffic from social networking sites. Each method has its own advantages. Increasing traffic means you will get more users. Improving sources and increasing the proportion of social media may be an effective way. You can also get more traffic from social media, and you won’t pay directly to these social networking sites.

once you make a decision on the flow problem, you can develop a strategy to achieve the goal. It is important to point out that you need to use social media in a special way: drive traffic to the point of transition. There are some ways you can use social media to establish relationships, and ultimately to achieve conversion results. Here’s what you have to do: to attract quality followers to pay media. Write something to Twitter feedback but no one follows, will not

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