Don’t let WeChat become a concentration camp


recently set like activities like a raging fire, almost every open WeChat will receive" help me set praise "," help me praise "friends in general I private letter message, also will be the way to help me. But after a period of time, found that the circle of friends set like "phenomenon is more and more frequent, sometimes even open a WeChat watch, a circle of friends to share, find the mobile phone screen is set like sharing information, I almost doubt: WeChat, is not from the original" circle of friends "into a" advertisement the following is the concentration camp ", open the" screenshots of a WeChat

circle of friends "


we all know, "WeChat marketing" is more and more by the majority of businesses, enterprises and users, which is also a new social media marketing mode, but also brings the effect is good, and the "micro-blog marketing" is simple "social media marketing" of the pie. A small set of WeChat praise can be more friends to participate in the activities of brand promotion and product marketing. But at the same time, such a favorable set of praise, if not controlled to promote the WeChat marketing into a negative situation. There are two reasons:

first, "WeChat marketing" the user is based on many QQ users, we all know when WeChat registered a "registration number QQ" option, the reason for this hand is to develop more users of WeChat, but because QQ itself is gradually "the attribute of social media", the most obvious is the "QQ" share some features of social media are integrated in. Therefore, when using the QQ registered user of WeChat WeChat found that there are too many advertising information, then WeChat’s trust will be significantly reduced, may feel WeChat is not easy to use than QQ itself is full of advertising information, so as to give up to use WeChat.

second, WeChat set praise behind their own untrue operation. Before Sina, micro-blog Tencent micro-blog fans, so the network sale "there is no doubt that WeChat set like number also and" micro-blog fan "trading, thus, as with the" zombie fans "false, not an active account came into being, accompanied by" a large number of WeChat sets like advertising activities so, if unchecked, will also have the same marketing WeChat and micro-blog marketing "zombie".

therefore, in order not to allow WeChat to become a concentration camp, for the current WeChat set like campaign, WeChat’s social media platform should do the following:

first of all, WeChat set like advertising content and quantity control, especially the content and quantity of advertising restrictions. For example, in what period of time, with a micro signal can not be repeated sending too many ads, as well as the content of advertising for health filtering, this is to let WeChat marketing platform to have high quality network information, otherwise the user will gradually lose confidence.

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