Big data era war and how to obtain the use of user data

yesterday’s Journal of the big data analysis data and the role of the war era how to carry out data analysis. Some people can not help but ask: how can we get so much data and how to use it?

next we through our daily life and even every day to contact the case to do an analysis of the first, our common data collection can be divided into the following two categories:

1, ID card and mobile phone number

2, email and mobile

collection of mobile phone numbers we can not leave the phone every day, the most mobile phone number

three communication operators as we all know, they decided to use the mobile phone to have a mobile phone number information acquisition based on most of you in you! Many people should still remember the way we used 2G times with a mobile phone on business or home often receive communication business to return information to remind you? In a word there are reminded to remind you to open roaming business, (Dear customer, you have to somewhere…… Or so provincial mobile remind you…… Warm reminder at the same time pushed the relevant business!

We see most of the collection of mobile phone

life way is the membership card, restaurants, barber shops, beauty shops, cosmetics shop and so on are all you can apply for membership card way to collect the customer’s mobile phone number. This is the basis for the collection of mobile phone numbers, easy to do behind the text messages and telephone marketing.

step further is the ID also collected the communications operators from the real name system will start a comprehensive collection, we are the most common travel agencies, airlines, they also need ID in addition to your mobile phone, then the collected id have what use? Often travel by plane or travel friends should receive some airline information, most of the information is also reminded, on your birthday or holiday you will receive from the major airlines and you have registered ID body blessing information! Your birthday is the day they through you the registration of the identity card (ID card to get through! Get the most basic information is your date of birth, address, age


another kind of information collection is that we are in contact with the 90 of these days – online shopping!

Any of our website shopping on

, the most basic is the first to register an account in his platform, then the platform registered on the account at the same time it will ask you to enter some required information, the most basic is the mobile phone and email, because this is the necessary data they post marketing and EDM marketing (SMS!


of course, in addition to online shopping, now just a website in our view on his website content must first registered account, and registered account will let us fill in the mobile phone number and email, or even the requirements must be registered to

email accounts!

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