How to plan the site for the market

the first step, market segmentation, determine your target market

simply means that you are ready to serve what the crowd to provide what services can be subdivided according to the region, according to occupation, according to income, according to age, etc.. For example, the target market is a wonderful creative network needs of the crowd.

the second step, market evaluation, determine the market value of

that is the size of the market size of the core of the quality of your needs to meet the real needs of the user behavior habits and analysis of the market situation and competitors detailed analysis, many sites are ignored market assessment.

third step, site positioning, determine the objectives and characteristics of the site

this is very important but many people do not understand, the so-called positioning is to identify you in the minds of users in the image and your goals, you are a professional or amateur? Are you serious or perfunctory? You are for local or national oriented to the location? According to your target market and service to sentence features, a summary is the essence of the website. For example, Alibaba positioning, we look at his logo will know. "The world’s leading online trading market and the merchant community," the creation of a network of "committed to the study of the law of the web site", can be seen from the location of the target site, features.

fourth step, according to the positioning column

according to the positioning columns, design style. Set the column should be closely around the positioning, according to the logic of the development of the industry meticulous classification, regardless of the columns are not, to reflect the professional characteristics. At the same time, the design style is also very important, is to reflect your professional, your level, your seriousness, your dedication, your meticulous. Style is like the clothes you wear, you are white-collar workers, you are the boss, you are a salesman, you are a teacher, you can see through your clothes. You won’t wear what doesn’t fit your status, and the same goes for your website. We can refer to Do you want to do the industry, or professional website, or to walk the fine line, the boss of the experts, the natural beauty boutique clothing is different, so is the style of the website. Positioning does not indicate that you do not do a good job market segmentation site.

fifth step, according to the site to choose the site form

forum, digg, CMS, SNS, blog, group, as long as you can fully reflect the characteristics of your site, to facilitate the reader will do. Different positioning can be used in different forms. Web2.0 era of your web site should be suitable for readers to participate in the construction of content. Wonderful creative network because positioning is a boutique creative, so no Digg, if the form of Digg readers will be more active than now. Form is not good, can not allow users to participate in interaction. Form is actually related to the process of innovation, process innovation is the world’s top management concept. Bezos, the founder of said "do website is actually doing software", good website according to the consumer.

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