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has become a major shareholder since Ctrip after the departure of the village has become a foregone conclusion. But when Zhuang Chen Chao officially announced his resignation on the Internet, or the sound of a sigh of regret, Zhuang Chenchao lost the lead where independent development opportunities and bigger beyond ctrip. While investors and entrepreneurs in the dual identity of Zhuang Chenchao announced after the departure, is also the first time the micro letter circle of friends said, as an investor himself is a winner, but as an entrepreneur himself is a loser.

Zhuang Chenchao left, with the original investor’s choice of errors related to

on the surface, Zhuang Chenchao and where the entrepreneurial team lost the absolute control right is caused by large shareholders of Baidu "sell" reasons, but in fact joinchance than the original investment for the wrong choice is the most important reason to go today. Where is founded in 2005, in the strategic investment from Baidu, had accepted the GGV capital, Mayfield, Jinsha River venture capital and tenaya capital and other investment funds three investments, financing amounted to $27 million. However, these funds did not help to further develop and grow, but makes a large number of shares of the founding team diluted.

until 2011, after receiving a $306 million financing and providing a non competitive agreement with Baidu and exclusive traffic support and guarantee, only to the overseas sprint listed capital. Things are always mixed, but this is where the The loss outweighs the gain. Where to get this round of financing, Baidu has become the largest shareholder of where to go, accounting for 62.01%. And where to go successfully landed on the NYSE listing, founder CEO Zhuang Chen Chao’s shares once diluted to 6.49%, while including founder CEO Zhuang Chen of the founding team of the super shares accounted for the proportion of only 14.5%, this is the day after the arrival of Ctrip foreshadowed to swap with Baidu.

industry giants affect the influx of capital, the law of investment is a trace?

A $27 million investment from

where several large investment funds, to throw out 306 million dollars to become Baidu domineering where the first big shareholder that Zhuang Chen Chao shares diluted, obviously we can summarize two rules. One is not blindly rely on financial investors burning money, so it is easy to cause the founding team shares has been diluted, need as soon as possible investors into strategic investors; second, financial support capital investment just entrepreneurs, investors and financial flows outside the home alone can give support and guarantee is the fundamental guarantee for enterprises speed up and long-term development.

, however, in the era of entrepreneurship, financing may also have no more choice, after all, when the financing environment is far from now. Now compared to a few years ago, the market with capital investors more clearly. In addition to the early IDG, Jingwei venture capital and other traditional funds, near >

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