Let the blog in the website promotion

If you use

in the promotion of blog website, and you are not sure how can these blog for you to bring real traffic with the chain, so I think this will give you a good view to comment on this article my reason. To let the blog to bring traffic in fact, we are very clear, that is your blog itself flow up. Only when the flow of the blog itself, the blog to promote the site will be more clicks. To make the blog itself has more browsing, the method is as follows:

1, published the original article

even pseudo original, it should look like the original. A little skill, less paste key, so that their own play again, often will be inspired to use their own language to talk about the same topic.

2, blog content as rich and colorful

blog content is monotonous, there will be no one to see, no one to see, the search engine will not be included. This is the key to the template as beautiful as possible, simple and concise classification, the release of the log to pay attention to select the appropriate classification, so the opportunity to be included in the blog will be greater. The title of the journal to highlight key words, because the vast majority of Internet users are through the search engine search keywords to access their own interest.

3, timed release

regularly updated blog content is also very important, the search engine will not like a day with the new dozens of articles, and the other day nothing changed blog. This is not a significant change in the law, the search engine is likely to think you are cheating. Thus the possibility of being collected and dropped a lot.

4, RSS, social tagging

uses the blog’s RSS address to submit records. The RSS function of the blog can be a faster search engine to find the blog update, fast collection, and more accurate information, let the blog in the search engine has better performance.

5, message

The so-called

come back. You want a lot of people to join your blog, then you should also often go there to join others, of course not holding. We should have a common interest, have in common, this will be able to continue to support each other.

here we must pay special attention to, you should carefully read other articles, clarify their own point of view, let them feel that you are really like. Next, you can leave a similar welcome to visit, exchange of experience and other statements.

6, micro-blog

Simultaneous use of

micro-blog. Micro-blog with its small image, is being vigorously pursued by many Internet users. So our blog promotion, must not ignore this excellent promotion channels. Micro-blog is because of the small, so every part of his should be taken seriously, head, should pick attractive. Each of the micro-blog’s published, with the key words out of the hook, but also can be >

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