People can not be shameless to such a degree and the other see spam page Yang Zhiwu immature soft W

QUOTE: just in TechWeb forums to see the article on the web spam (junk, domain name: of soft the hype, although the style of writing is very good, but it is failed. Old rules, first look at the soft Wen, to comment


spam page will be another kind of outdated



and friends talk station and station in to 07 years today, talk to the outdated, and garbage ", in the process of talking in my mind the emergence of a thought: Why are so successful? What is the spiritual core of the outdated? Why is it so popular? What is the connection between them? Is it possible to say that junk page is another manifestation of the outdated?

            10 in a news station 06 years Internet sensation in the outdated refused swimming fish "landing" activities carried out the webmaster really greatly small Adsense scenery of a borrow behind "landing" activities carried out today. The biased place hope you will forgive me.
        I belong to the 80 after the webmaster, for the scenery is only heard in the rumor, in the end what is behind the attractive? Why stand in the network is still not known for the number of holdings? I registered in the first half of 06 behind, still not outdated, but behind still let me feel his charm: sharing, exchange, original, webmaster circle.
            unfortunately, it is difficult to feel the charm of the outdated, obsolete when the most proud of the original owners has become increasingly distant from us, many owners in the objective is simple: AD paste, or looking for business opportunities. It seems difficult to see the essence of the article, every time the article into the essence of the area is still the old face, or the essence of the article has less technical content. Much hype. Here I don’t think it is rubbish ", did not know this website, there are days of registered members I have marginalized the nickname, I thought: it is not the original source of the edge of stationmaster? If you look at the information, came to the garbage page it, vaguely can see the source of the traces of it, plus QQ, a chat, actually really original

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