Sitting on hundreds of nouveau riche customers 60 yuan a box of Apple sold

wrote in the front: the title of this article is that the product is the best operation. The thought that we would feel that it was a theoretical article was written countless times, I changed decisively. Today to tell you a story, one of my clients, a sitting on hundreds of people not in precise nouveau riche, accurate brand, when to have sales of Apple’s nouveau riche but there is a problem, I hope this article can give you some inspiration.


operating public platform shoes are estimated are forced to suffer not: no fans, fans more, try to suck powder, dream and operates its own public number of fans rose will laugh, it seems, earn tens of thousands of days will soon be coming to.

even if your fans are up, can we really make money?.

have seen a lot of customers through hardship to pull to the fans, but no transactions, even to have a heart: what my fans are, they just don’t buy our products? Today I want through a point about this product, through an example of customer tell me why you are not sold.

last year, a Ji’nan customers to do a brand, the purpose is to gather the high-end crowd, everyone together to use WeChat to do idle away in seeking pleasure. Because my friend is in charge of this project in this company, I would like to make some suggestions. As a friend to ask for help and money, Why not?


actually I felt this project is good, now I feel quite good, the high-end crowd in the wine and dine, may also be more direct will have some cooperation projects, will achieve a win-win or win-win situation. And it is important that, in this way, we do not need a lot of effort to promote. The so-called high-end crowd in a city so some, I know you, you know him, maybe I know him, want to gather together or relatively easy.

but I found that the project is far from simple. Before doing the first phase of the product, I have suggested the customer to open a brand conference, this is not difficult to open a conference in a five star hotel, forced to suddenly go up, but also let everyone on your brand more expectations, but unfortunately, they did not adopt this proposal.

the first phase of the product they chose Sichuan bacon and Wuyishan tea. It is said that Bacon is raising local farmers with their cattle slaughter after drying, tea is Wuyishan local tea, these two products also spent a lot of time and effort you. Tea packaging treatment is fairly simple, but also deal with the more successful. But the meat is slightly more difficult to deal with some opinions, there have been differences, finally determine their packaging: packaging for food grade kraft paper. At that time, I felt that the packaging is a bit simple and casual, and even a little soil, after all, this is the first phase of the product, but also the face of the

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