Li Kui how to do network marketing soft writing to customer satisfaction

as everyone knows, the soft power is infinite, a good article not only spread fast, wide, but also bring considerable benefits for the enterprise, SEOER is also facing many problems in the work to write text, then, should be how to write can be soft? It is a good article?

I personally think that a good article, at least on the surface, not let ordinary readers see it is to help enterprises to advertise, to have readability, from the perspective of readers, a good grasp of the user’s mental state, at the same time will skillfully add some information products to the content of the article is to let the user is very interested in the article is about, as long as is not too bad, it is easy to edit through the audit, each big website reproduced.

SEO for the workers, the soft effect is very big, not only increase website traffic, auxiliary SEM, but also improve the enterprise sales, is the auxiliary form blog marketing, forum marketing and other conventional means of marketing, and if you continue to write something, it is easy to create their own brand, improve staff awareness and influence. Expand contacts.

according to the analysis of a network marketing training institute, now the soft Wen from another perspective, divided into three kinds, one is for the media, one is for the industry, one is for individuals. No need to say more about the media, the news is generally soft, where we can focus on learning about the industry and how to write personal soft.

text, take our familiar network industry, will own website promotion out, you can write some experience sharing articles for low-end users and entered the website industry at the same time to help novice, so they are promoting their own web site, and some of the second is the master exchange of views, adding third pages of comments, write some controversial things, let them master here, even if you don’t write well, shoot more, naturally out of the site, third is the collection of authoritative information industry, known as iResearch is in this way to promote their own fourth, do, interviews, especially for the newly established station, access to industry heavyweights, not only allows users to share experiences, virtually also increased their fame.

personal soft Wen, and the industry is no difference between soft, specific methods are almost the same, here will not repeat,

of course, in the writing process of soft Wen, in order to achieve the best results, there are some skills we need to pay attention to.

: the first title, must meet the users search habits, that is to say, you write the article, there must be the search for the only market, try to bring some natural title to the promotion of the product or brand, otherwise, there is no market price, not propaganda effect.

second: the title, the title refers to the title of the party, to attract the eyes of users, with a special, tempting title to attract users, up to

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