Several characteristics of micro channel marketing thinking to make money

Although the

derivative in the circle of fame is not very good, but this is different from what we see in the micro micro business, business is not good is not the most profitable, derivative money is how, their marketing thinking is characteristic.



we understand mostly circle image ads of various feedback friends, doing good business micro these methods have not to use, they mainly study how to obtain more quality products, how to carry out drainage and continuous learning new skills, promote the use of automated tools for more precise marketing software the.

a, more quality products

two days earlier in the circle of friends to see such a piece, said micro advertising circle of friends a lot less, and then not so much variety of extreme chicken soup, then the micro business where the it, two views told us the truth, one is doing micro business do not go gold washing hands in addition, a money is retired, ha ha.

Based on the

micro channel development taking up a lot of brands, including many as group company or on a variety of television products, today many have disappeared in people’s eye, but the derivative of this business model is not wrong, but a large part of the people with the wrong way, with his mind did not reach the height of transmission of micro business, the image and the misfits different forgotten in the circle of friends.

today’s micro business is to have a stable production and high quality products in the market yesterday, there is more media coverage of Amway to enter the field of micro business, but they are not to rely on friends for marketing, mostly relying on WeChat mall, typical cases such as the logic of thinking bookstore.

micro business has now entered into the traditional brand in the market, the brand products have a certain market share, but the use of micro business sales channels, this is the quality of the products, for the micro business a lot has to do it all, they had already entered this level, and is no longer a circle of friends hair mask the application of feedback and collection, WeChat mall, let more niche and has certain market products gradually usher in new opportunities.

two, more accurate drainage

we all know that the Internet or mobile Internet, traffic is critical, the number of users + repeat purchase rate = market share, which is the micro business publicity.


drainage tried a variety of ways, including people in the vicinity, drift bottles, WeChat public platform account, forum, blog, Baidu news source, QQ group and other channels, this is the way of early development is quite effective. Later came out of the group plus WeChat red envelopes, concerned about the number of WeChat public to get points to redeem cash and so on drainage.

WeChat due to a certain degree of closure, as well as the official micro signal for individuals or WeChat public platform has some limitations, traffic has become a big problem, although there are some micro signal >

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