A valuable revelation from a windfall map

The success of

happened a few years ago.

said it is simple, there is a woman working in the hotel, the hotel to send her a new job, is to eat Beijing dishes, then help chef innovative new good cuisine to.


She after each family would have detailed records of the restaurant decoration style, service level, price, taste, recommend what dishes and so on, in the course of time there is a large set of data.

has the information, she is on a whim, if the information is made into a map, the map is provided to those delicacy, "chowhound", so as to facilitate their choice, they have to profit from, Why not??

got the idea, she immediately executed.

at that time, she included Beijing 178 a good restaurant in the map, and then made into delicacy map, printed ten thousand copies. It will be sent to bookstores, kiosks, stations and other sales. Less than 20 days, all sold out. Plus advertising revenue, a total profit of 165 thousand yuan. Then she printed 50 thousand copies and sold them again in 3 months.

when you read this successful business case, you have inspired it?

speaking of food, I can think of the public comment network.

public comment is the initial positioning of the food. Hunger breeds discontentment


so the public comment network, quickly started by food reviews.

whether it is a good food map, or public comment worth mentioning, in fact, behind the principle is the same. Is the use of a public psychological characteristics.

we often say that consumers have a herd mentality. We always say "herd mentality", "herd mentality",

but now I want to ask you, why is there such a herd mentality?

is very simple, because consumers have strong spiritual dependence on the choice.

they are afraid to make their own choices in consumption, because they are afraid of taking on the negative effects of their choice.

bluntly, they are afraid of buying the wrong things because of his wrong choice, or the product quality is not good, a waste of money.

is precisely because of their fear, resulting in consumption, there is a strong spiritual dependence, so they choose to listen to the views of others.

a lot of people say that this product is good, OK, this product is good.

others say bad, this product is not good.

I used to call this "consumer choice dependence".

know this important principle, we are back

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