WeChat marketing master is how to cheat 1 million

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since 2013, WeChat electric, WeChat mall has been a hot topic, never no fever. In this process, WeChat is a simple social tools gradually evolved into an industry, the number of users over 700 million, WeChat did not make money, but to feed a large number of people, WeChat, WeChat, WeChat promotion, marketing training, WeChat third party development etc..


shop after the release, many small business owners, small businesses such as Taobao cheering, WeChat Electric has finally entered the official operation period, industry analysts also one-sided voice, that has long been criticized by the WeChat third party chaos finally entered the final stage, the Tencent has WeChat development company cornered "· · · · · out of chaos, to believe that this is the official WeChat, including developers and training of regular, small and medium-sized enterprises welcome. WeChat has released a small shop in February, the chaos of WeChat electricity supplier ended it?

at the beginning of July, I was invited to attend the national flower alliance meeting, development, payment, promotion of basic knowledge to the flowers wholesale and retail enterprises popularity of WeChat public account and daily encountered faq. After attending this meeting, completely subvert my previous understanding of the electricity supplier industry and the status quo of the WeChat, the most shocking is that there is a master of marketing to allow members to spend millions to participate in WeChat mall.

to participate in the meeting about 200 companies around the business, and later came to the temporary members of the constant. They come from the major cities, Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai City, but also Kunming, Jiayuguan, Lanzhou and other two or three cities. Attend the meeting of the business owners, large Younian into billions of dollars, including flower garden business, small flower shop in the hundreds of thousands to millions of degrees of the scale.

in the 200, a number of public in about 30%, the development of pay have developed in about 5%, the choice of partners are friends, WeChat third party development, the cost of -1.6 million in the 3 thousand range, the main function is the official website of WeChat, WeChat mall, big wheel and other general functions, no an income of more than 5 million public accounts at WeChat, is more dependent on personal accounts to public account booking, opened WeChat WeChat to pay 2 people, 5 people opened TenPay payment, less than 10 people used to pay with a personal WeChat grab a red envelope.


, the marketing master is how to help even from the WeChat payment did not engage in the hands of Taiqing received millions of money, let’s take a look at how he did it?

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in the prospect of global Internet situation sweep down irresistibly from a commanding height, bass baritone video, master of marketing power, very young, should also 80, see the information is more than the company’s chairman, CEO, mobile providers first >

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