Practical experience of micro blog marketing

A few days ago in the

Adsense encyclopedia forum to listen to everyone said that micro-blog will replace blog marketing, micro-blog has not how to concern me, these days I have been studying the micro-blog marketing, also summarizes the combat experience, here and share with you.

, learn to set their own micro-blog

micro-blog is the reason why the fire is mainly because of the wide range of micro-blog, whether it is life or entertainment can find the appropriate personnel to interact with you. So before you decide to use micro-blog marketing to learn to locate your micro-blog. Do you want to be a personal brand, or a team of brands. Do you want to do life, or to do information.

two, learn to use micro-blog topic

micro-blog positioning is good to update your micro-blog. Micro-blog can use only 140 words of space, how can let your audience increase? Here to use micro-blog is the topic function in micro-blog should remember that the topic added in front of others, you will only see through this topic, then pay attention to you. Of course, this topic should conform to the content of your micro-blog, don’t you send one of the owners of such information, you add in front of "classic" topic, so others even in the topic to find you are not interested in you, "the classic" the audience is not necessarily a webmaster. Your information to him is not what.

three, learn to share their feelings to others

every day there are tens of thousands of micro-blog in communication, that your topic is how to attract others broadcast? Everyone is your feelings of love, on the side of things, to think of a thing like a positive thing, will write out the resonate. For example, your micro-blog is mainly to write the operating experience of the webmaster website, then you will have to share some of the methods and techniques you operate in the site to everyone. We want to focus on is really encountered in the process of operation problems to be resolved, but not those of theoretical knowledge, those things in Baidu search a big article, you do not have to write.

four, learn to use pictures instead of language

micro-blog also has a function that can add pictures. For the same micro-blog, plus pictures and not the effect of the picture is not the same, the picture is more convincing. In the case of micro-blog as far as possible to add a content and related pictures, so that more people can attract attention. But do not use pure pictures, to combine pictures and text.

five, association and the collar interaction

these days there is a strange phenomenon, the audience will be a little longer and reduced. After recording the data, it was found that the instability of the audience from the "listen to each other brigade" come in. But my mistake was not reached and they listen to each other, others just listen to me, some people like this, will soon come, their purpose is to reach you and listen to each other, not up to the purpose they will go to the other.

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