Stunt website promotion in small line

is a website operation and success only rely on the promotion of the network is not easy to succeed, especially for our personal webmaster, one is not a lot of effort to promote from the network, one is less money to invite the professional team to promote, so we have to think of ways from the line, along with the network the virtual reality and the development of science and technology has only together, and now the website is a service product, as long as we put your site as a product to sell to us the masses would be more easily accepted, of course, our product is service, let people through our website to find


below we will share with you a promotion under the small broad way!

1: Mobile Ad

taxi is now more and more, and there are a lot of small electric tricycle, and private car is the carrier of these cars meet the eye everywhere, is our website, mobile advertising, and for these cars every year to get an extra one hundred or two hundred yuan is quite good. After all, only in the body of them create a name on the website only, and will not affect the business, find more people like us they wish, this car light advertising them and not a small income? For we these personal webmaster to say, only by one hundred or two hundred yuan of money to fix a car is quite satisfactory, at least can I bring thousands of traffic! And the taxi driver or electric tricycle driver has no fixed work clothes, if I give them in the summer Printed on their website logo T-shirt to them, they will be happy to accept the gift, who don’t? And for individuals each T-shirt will cost ten or twenty yuan, let them give me free advertising, it is worth


two: activity promotion method


I said, can not let you pay for a big promotion, after all, we don’t have much money, money is very difficult, we must through the limited money for big things, small is the hard truth, many owners are living in the city, and every city there should be a night, every night there is relatively large flow of people, the time when we can Gesanchaiwu to open up a small site on their website advertising here, send some small gifts, such as duty there wholesale accessories what, best can a bulk custom printed on their website LOGO or the name of the small accessories, the price is not expensive, up to a piece of money, and then returned to my side said, the site registered members will have more surprises waiting for you, this is for small The use of human greed small, white holding something that everyone wants, of course, at this time small gifts to pay attention to the frequency, not a few minutes, he finished, but every few minutes a one hundred points, this can take hours, so it can attract more people to pay attention to so every time, such activities can also give your website a lot of traffic


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