Sell the site to sell the site to promote new thinking

in A5 global, more or less have to buy or sell the experience of standing stand, after all the energy is limited, can buy a good selection of an existing website is the website novice, I bought a lot of big and small station, also sold a lot, buy and sell in the station station learned a lot, also teaches many others. The virtual world of the Internet allows us to grow step by step. Today I want to say is I sell from a promotion of new thinking station, I think maybe some reference for everybody, especially for those who have inspired selling station, because no matter how, everyone should have a master, or want to have a good business standing. I now occasionally selling the station, but I also have a careful management of the station.

now let’s talk about how to sell the station to promote their own master. Of course, this method has limitations, only to engage in the sale of the station owners.

one is to make a good link with their own master link. My way is to put pictures directly on the front page of the source code, the text on the picture with his master with similar content, there will be no resentment so others through the picture Click to enter your station, will not affect the overall effect site. Because I do a good picture, and the site is very consistent with the overall nature of the station I basically buy the station to keep the picture down.

two is selected as a suitable keyword to point to their master. Now many sites can be set in the background of some key words, and set their own links. I set up a keyword "writing" in the sale of the station, and set each article show only two Guan Jian word links, so it will not affect the overall site, also can let users want to learn writing into my master station through the link. Think about the whole site there will always be a few "writing" keywords, huh, huh, huh,


three is left in the link in the sale of their own links to the main station. This is my good discussion with the seller, the website must help me to keep a chain, most buyers did, some sellers afterwards removed the link. In short, how much can stay left how much

four is the site to leave a few good links with their own master. I will be in the sale of the site to turn a few of my master’s article, of course, this article should be coordinated with the content of the site sold. In the content before I will use "this article reprinted from the website address: * * *, *). Then in the end and then (this article cited his own website. * * * *, * * * *).

from the point of view of the effectiveness of these initiatives through my site to get a lot of IP, there are a lot of users have become a loyal user of my master. Of course, with the increase of the station has sold, sold the station and increase traffic, these methods I brought traffic will also be increased, this is my opinion on some, inappropriate, please criticism.

this article source: in the first A5, reproduced please keep. Thank you A5 for

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