Do English stand earn foreign money

1 domain name can be used in the country’s CN does not matter, but DNS with your foreign, or slow resolution, foreigners look at the slow speed feel boring,

2 space abroad, the same reason, to buy a $10 / month to 300/ years can be, look at your needs, the size does not matter. But requires stability and speed,

3 with English stand to do GG, the best station is text, a picture is not the best. So easy to match the ads. at the same time improve the speed,

4 procedures, the best English program, such as wordpress

really do not understand the English program, it is in Chinese, but the front desk must be in English

with the Chinese program to write the spider protocol to contain all of the information contained in the Chinese directory.

5, the best hand original. If it is to earn pocket money can also be used to modify title, modify the text of more than 7 keywords to become " original " only in this way, the search engine will be included in.

has the corresponding tool software, not only the price is high, but not good to buy, be sure to get a lot of money when you can buy.

6 copyright issues, we can not avoid the problem, but as long as you are useful to others, most people will not go to Google where the report

7 special note:

    1) has just started the little brothers and sisters don’t try, you have a Adsense account now, also can earn pocket money, if it is K, no money to buy sugar.

    2) this is what I currently have, they do not practice, their own discretion.

    3) please don’t import Chinese flow, or die.

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