Dongsheng micro marketing how to quickly attract high quality fans

WeChat electricity supplier is not a direct marketing channel, but efficient customer service, CRM, communication tools. The electricity supplier customer service tools used to answer users in the purchase of products, the use of product or service in the process, the various problems encountered; CRM tools can make members according to the geographical, gender, height, skin, source, buy the product attributes such as classification, regular directional push to accurately match the corresponding products and services, to achieve precision marketing; conventional communication tools, to stimulate users to buy again, improve customer relationship, improve the user viscosity communication tool.

future marketing, do not need too many channels, as long as your product into the consumer’s mobile phone, is the best marketing. Traditional electricity providers and traditional enterprises to enter the mobile Internet cost is too high, and WeChat to achieve a zero cost into the mobile internet. Two dimensional code is connected to the line under the door, the public platform is interactive space, directly for 600 million user services. Here, Dongsheng information group president Mr. to show you: how to quickly attract high-quality micro marketing fans.

a, how to improve the effectiveness of WeChat marketing to attract high-quality fans do?

WeChat marketing is different from micro-blog, WeChat has realized the display, purchase, payment and after-sale closed loop. WeChat fans is not the more the better, but the more accurate the more faithful the better, WeChat electricity supplier marketing is the conversion rate and the absolute value of the purchase of users.

look at some of the latest data: the number of sellers in 2012 Taobao wireless turnover has exceeded 3 million 550 thousand, an increase of 86.6%, a total of 18 Taobao stores Alipay wireless turnover of more than 10 million, of which the largest number of women’s shops accounted for 44%. Among them, the top ranked monthly wireless client orders now account for 15% of the total, the average daily turnover of $50 thousand.

600 thousand WeChat fans, daily turnover of more than 6 thousand; landscape travel network, set up more than 1 months, through the WeChat sales of nearly 300 thousand yuan; some Taobao small sellers, 30% orders from WeChat; a well-known Taobao dress shop, more than 8 thousand fans to shop rate 30%, purchase rate of 10%; a Taobao seller, 4219 fans, open 2089 to 871 stores, the actual turnover of 109 single.

the key to these cases is to get effective fans and translate into the purchase of the user, so how to do it? Let Dongsheng information] to resolve the following tips for you:

first, the courage to use their own types of media and channels, gathered a large number of potential loyal fans. Including the company’s official website, Taobao store, product manuals, brochures, product packaging, promotional activities on-site poster Yilabao, put all kinds of hard wide.

second, pay more attention to activities.

third, word of mouth marketing. Encourage users to recommend WeChat public account to the side of the friends, such as sharing circle of friends, QQ group, etc..

two, WeChat operating team how to build and assess?

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