On how to use video clips to promote the skills

We all know that

is now in Baidu Post Bar and various forums do promotion difficult, unless to write some topics related to soft and barely can be mixed in the past, do not let the administrator found, but sometimes even, also cannot bring web site, those administrators found that regardless of the consequence. The post has now started to screen URL. Every link are deleted, so we are always talking about what promotion to the forum, to promote Post Bar already can not meet our requirements, then we can not try to do in other aspects? A promotion method now I say my video marketing.

video marketing as its name implies is to use video to promote, refers to a variety of video clips in different forms on the Internet, to achieve a certain purpose of marketing publicity. The form of video on the network is similar to the video clips, but the platform on the Internet, video and Internet organic integration, so that the form of innovative marketing has the advantages of both. It has the characteristics of various TV episodes, such as strong infection, form and content diversity, creativity and so on, and has the advantage of Internet marketing, such as the interaction and transmission of the initiative, fast speed, low cost and so on. It can be said that the network video marketing, TV advertising and Internet marketing both PET in one.

now the network has gradually become an integral part of many people’s lives, video marketing has risen to a new height. Various means and techniques. Bill · Gates had predicted that within five years the Internet will be the status of tv. To some extent, this shows the momentum of the Internet video.

my site to start positioning is still relatively vague, web design is very poor, the column looks like a lot, but no content, this has become a propaganda obstacle, positioning is not clear, it is difficult for me to extend to the later, I began to do the revision of the website, campus and campus shopping trend this piece of information. In this way, the positioning is relatively accurate, but also trendy things, it is easy to get young people like. The next key is publicity, but after some large forum and Post Bar had posted it was discovered that the road is different, but not up to the purpose of the long-term effect, I as a publicity staff to do is to have the effect of once, otherwise, even if have the effect that propaganda is just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum.


began the second set my plan, that is making video, video marketing strategy to achieve the purpose of publicity, then the problem is come, video video will come from? Popular? So we have to mention the video content to get several ways: first, access to video website from abroad; second, third, a variety of homemade video clips; the film two times and then use; all the premise is the video must be attractive, after observing me this time, most users love the video there are so few categories: funny, moving, edge; generally speaking, funny and edge class is the most popular, after all, there is.

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