n February just before the station is how to promote


method is a novice, there was no alternative!
  first: Baidu post bar! The following
! To accelerate the speed of Post Bar membership method ~ 100 times the absolute speed quickly (Baidu Post Bar many silly bird, someone sent behind the post
  qq COINS);     my network hard disk inside is the registry, or to lock the IE for your home page, need to get rid of the 360 rookie. Never!

      add the son to submit their website address?! No quality IP~

      so far Baidu know there is a question to answer!

      (why my station is open www.xxx.com ah, how to get rid of ah)

      the following people answer, the Trojan horse. I am sweating, rookie, do not do it resolutely malicious programs!

      second: there is a column on the main station called

      his hand made a HTML, a keyword is content to watch and pictures a temptation, made a jump (want to watch porn please send the following address copied to the QQ MSN website forum, 20 others shock can become VIP, also known as your

      rookie too much, finally realized that!

      the most important thing is to do their own handmade HTML Baidu first pages.. Fall, the key is not hot not cold, medium, more than and 200 IP a day after the middle of the MJJ is also a good publicity!

      third: to go to potatoes, the beauty of the video under the 56, (potato quite gossip) with compressed subtitles compression AVI, upload to the major video!

      embedded in your own website address, the title is also very temptation, gossip, every day can also come to a part of the IP, 56 popular millions, which explain many major video sites to provide space, increase even Baidu included you, you won’t K, I tried it cool, of which 56 of the first Baidu keyword Title space!


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