Festival website promotion method

Spring Festival is approaching. With relatives and friends say happy new year " " is absolutely indispensable, so I starting from QQ one by one to send friends. Suddenly good reply a picture, let me startled. The content of the picture is the time I usually play with them according to the picture. Make GIF animation. I hold a basketball, a person in front of me suddenly pushed the ball to the man. The ball is the most I usually said, our website slogan " software outsourcing to easy packet network " (due to occupation habits, often from time to time is a software outsourcing to easy packet network, so they also give them a lot of " poison; ") plus to draw like sausage lips that look very funny. It makes me very deep memory

I think, if we can add the URL of the website in the above, it does not become one of our promotion propaganda? So I called our technology group, gave me a few pay New Year’s call GIF animation, and with a website slogan in the above, the (. Don’t stick up, lest you say me. Soft written) the day before yesterday I sent out today in a different group, see the others we do. This picture pay New Year’s call effect is very fast. So it is a good way to show our own, though can not directly link to our website, but you want to, so many people see our advertising information " ", is our target group to see, will always come. I this two days than usual to several.

, ha ha

then I also see some information, some people also do card ah, small blessing page and stuff. In fact, this is " viral marketing " an application. The new year, I hope everyone have a harvest. Hahaha…..

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