How to do effective marketing

many companies need not only the traditional Internet marketing for the current popular micro marketing is also quite interested. But the interest return interest, blindly follow the trend of micro marketing, just a few strokes, put some money in the micro marketing to become bigger and stronger, even as long as two times the development of WeChat, micro website set up, you can start doing micro marketing, the boss does not know the micro marketing staff, also a smattering of blind operation the money is spent, people tired, no effect, what is the meaning of

micro marketing?

I contacted the person in charge of some small and medium-sized enterprises, their traditional Internet marketing seems to have knowledge, can say a 1.2.3, in the face of colleagues have started looking for new marketing channels, the heart is unable to try a. See colleagues on the WeChat public number has a beautiful micro site, the corresponding features are readily available, engage in a WeChat two times to develop from the media marketing. The boss wants to bring a team of the best micro marketing, you have to understand how to do micro marketing, employees in order to follow the direction of the boss to do, there is nothing to say between the team, it can do marketing.


, setting the stage for singing, build team is the key.

is a professional micro marketing team who need to have a few hearts? Boss, the boss must know at least yourself for what kind of person do micro marketing preparatory work must be done, staffing, budget and so forth, generally speaking, a micro marketing team should be wired on promotion, analysis of data, designers, customer service customer service positions, the lack of 1.2 jobs, the team operation is not up, time-consuming. The formation of a complete team in order to create a higher efficiency, the boss knows how to build a team to understand the idea of employees, to guide the staff should do, how to do.

two, modaobuwukanchaigong, marketing programs to see.

an effective marketing plan needs to be analyzed, the data collection, the expression of the marketing idea, the boss only participate in WeChat’s marketing program audit, understand the core of this scheme, will know whether it is correct, whether in the waste of manpower and financial resources. Only in this way can we know what the pros and cons of the operating process, and how to avoid those drawbacks. In this way to evaluate each of the micro marketing strategy, to allow enterprises to better development, so that better to carry out micro marketing.

three, the assessment mechanism is critical to motivate staff motivation.

enterprise management to micro marketing team, evaluation mechanism is essential, will be part of the profits of an enterprise to reward the team positions in the team are complementary and indispensable, enhance the job turnover Commission, encourage unity and cooperation, common progress, enhance team cohesion, good assessment and incentive mechanism, to make employees more motivated to play in order to.

four, perseverance to do, regular inspection is very important.


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