Do not boast from the media

is a new media from the media, to attract the attention of the reader to form a circle of personal text output, this circle is from the media. Since the media development speed is very fast, the major portals, mobile phone client from the media in the race, from the beginning of the webmaster blog to micro-blog, WeChat public number has a large number of people from the media active, if not these people from the media platform will lose the original value.

from the presence of the media people have a high degree of communication, and now, many companies began to recruit people from the media, for the company to promote and improve the company’s business volume.


from the media who do not want to be able to do, since the media must have several conditions:

1: since the media should always share some valuable articles, videos, audio to fans.

2: people from the media to play, I have many readers have been sprayed, comments how much I can boast, in fact, since the media people boasting is in their packaging, packaging himself is very valuable, let the reader feel you do not, let the reader.

will boast is a university asked, literarily, full of wit, to express with words, let the reader impressed, let the reader to share, to influence more people, to attract more fans.

3: Registration Platform, now, since the media platform very much, the best registration of multiple platform from the media, from the media account name best are the same, an article a platform to show, people will see more people. Like many webmaster blog, are transformed from the media blog, and now Baidu search from the media blog, can see a lot of old webmaster do from media blog.

4: from the media to make a profit, purely interested in doing so from the media do not last long, to be profitable, only the profit has the power to stick to it.

summary: since the media is a new kind of self media platform many large portals have opened, Sina search from the media, since the media, today’s headlines, Phoenix media, from the media, since the NetEase Tencent since the revision of A5 Adsense network media, from the media, but also conform to the development of the home owners also the revision, the user submission placed in the most prominent position, the signs of the development space is very large from the media.

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