How to keep your site users and let them advertise for you

how to keep your site users, and let them advertise for you?

note: simple summed up, because it is "group discussion, the line is another friend to participate in the discussion.

this will be divided into two steps, first, how to retain your site users?

how to keep your site users, we must first know what the user needs, why would look back?

key is to look at the content of the site, the program is also very important, content, functionality, interface should be equal to

content is the most important, the quality is better to open the site is not too lazy to open

I personally think that

content is king friends can have different opinions about

1. has good content, but the interface is not friendly, No.
2. has a good interface, but the function is not enough, not.
3. has a good function, but the interface is not enough.

content is best original, if you find, you have other people’s information, why come to you

free entertainment to retain people, or others do not, but the most important thing is the customer experience, users like it is the most important

website to do the distinctive experience, this word is considered from the user’s point of view, I think it is a selected case, the discussion is targeted, is fresh, unique. The original is sure to attract people, good content of   a good call on a friend to your station

–> – "  service platform;; see your content is what, if one is some of the information, except that websites and experts can have a large number of customers to join, I feel a kind of service web content.

many users are driven by interests, I was most impressed by the fact that there are 3 so SEO learners, the initiative to add my station collection.

is the first service to lock your goal, don’t do a lot. But must be designed, like Ma also said that ambition is ambitious, but do little things to

in the context of Chinese characteristics, most of the users are not very understanding of the computer, they need a simple operation, friendly interface, and the rapid retrieval of information

site users are a site of life. There is a certain amount of user groups, the website can have good development. From my point of view, my site is mainly news, life, research, interviews, commentary and so on. In my opinion, we can retain users from this aspect content, news update, information life reality, interview object representation, feasibility research, to grasp the objectivity of news commentary. Secondly, the structure of the site, version, color, is a necessary condition to retain users. In a word, everything from the user’s point of view, make their own website >

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