How to do effective propaganda for the site to bring thousands of traffic

we need to test the validity of the advertising, in several high traffic or Post Bar forum post, observe the effect of this, whether the advertising to be deleted, what is the use of advertising to people, to analyze data. When advertising to achieve your desired effect when we can proceed to the next step, otherwise the ads were sent out to be deleted, or can not reach the purpose of publicity is not enough.

After that,

advertising effect after the test of the forum, Post Bar collection, put some high flow, and you collected propaganda target people in the forum, then account registration (using some tools can automatically fill in a form here). After the completion of all the target forum account registration, change IP, in the registration of a registered until 4 until the account so far.

then began posting, with the same IP all the forum again (except Post Bar, Post Bar do not use the same account posting, you have a look at your posting record you. Then, the prototype) for IP, to observe the advertising post, once the sink, he put up immediately, to ensure that in the first page (don’t keep top, keep in the first place, it is easy to cause the attention of the administrator, unless you think your ads do a seamless heavenly robe).

this is the general propaganda simple operation method, there are two main points:

a poster to test effect, no effect of the post, the follow-up is futile, just propaganda put this step, first in a forum of repeated experiments, etc. to your satisfactory effect for the next promotion.

two, if you do too obvious advertising, although has not been deleted, you have to take the first page post with small fill quickly, to avoid other people "this is advertising" this kind of advertising do you interfere too concealment will on the first page of your return card with small advertising to guide them. This means that your posting time can be carried out at night, the top posted during the day.

the last tip: resources can be reused, your account number, web site, advertising stickers are orderly stored, when you carry out propaganda after a period of time, you will accumulate a lot of account resources, efficiency will be greatly improved, the ads can be reused again after a period of time.

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