How to sell products in the marketing website better show

a marketing website if not selling products on the web show very good, do not have the marketing function, only selling a good show in the website, to seize the user attention, improve the conversion rate. Dapeng today in detail how to refine and perfect the implant site selling point.

1, unique (or only a few people)

specifically that should try to find their competitors do not have. Now do high-end food that they are high-end green organic additive, we think is almost all of the colleagues say that? I think it is not but not the one and only, even selling less, this is the basic property of products should have.

2, authentic

sometimes we say the selling point is probably the one and only, but the user may not believe that, now many enterprises in the promotion of their products the total emphasis on technical content in very high, these are sometimes but not in the user sound believable, some users may not understand. We must express the user feel credible. Things like these advanced technology can be placed on the site inside, but must not be placed in front of.

3, the user must be

said the traditional companies often like to say how deep their technical content, what certification achieved. These are not what users want. For example, a manufacturer of paint enterprises has developed a new technology, is quite good, but the slogan will breathe, but is not sell, because these are not what users want, there is also a feature of this paint users want most: off the powder, they did not say, it is because of this they cannot display technology high content.

4, with the most simple language to express

like just said that if the selling point of the paint: XX powder. Not only has the user’s most desired selling point but also briefly. For example, Wang Laoji, the Chinese herbal tea pioneers, are brief.

should focus on several aspects when summing up under a selling point: to help users save money, help users help users worry, effort, help the user to make money, to help users save time, let the user healthy and beautiful, allowing users to allow users to relax. For example: 7 days to lose weight does not rebound, is to help users save time, only once a night electricity, is to help users save money.

said that some of the selling points of the concept of refining, the following should be placed on the site what position, how to implant.

There are generally two types of

, one form of text and one picture. According to different products in the industry, we can choose the most suitable form. But the selling point must be prominent in the home page, and this selling point must be able to catch the eye catch the user. Another thing to note is that the user must be able to quickly find the desired content, users click on the loss rate of more than 70%. Allows users to quickly find what they want

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