Push a 86 name network traffic on the reasons

along with the development of the diagnostic section of the website, to diagnose the type of website is more and more, it is multifarious, everything. Today, we look at a more special.

landlord questions: content: mainly to provide the name of the advisory services, including the baby name, baby name, personal name.

URL: 86 named network http://s.www.86name.com/

site type: name website

site positioning: for all the people who need to name

to consult the problem: mainly traffic is not going. Need to ask some methods (but not including the way to cheat)

other: the site more than half a year on the line, the flow is not going to be a big problem, I hope to push a forum network we carefully analyze.

Jiang Likun: look at your station, positioning is very good, the content is also very rich, it should be said to be very attractive. For you do not go on the flow of the problem, in addition to the promotion of personal feelings, mainly because of the irrational structure of your site. Commercial flavor too strong, too anxious to make money. As a result, the user wants the most information to drown. Imagine a mall, who will stay inside? So give you the following suggestions: Tip: This article is a push member Jiang Likun (MESS) finishing the original, want to see more articles please search a push or jianglikun column, please keep the reprinted copyright information.

1, the name of the name of the module to be placed in a prominent position, to vigorously promote, this is certainly popular, very convenient service. If you can add some online dream, horoscopes and other functional modules.

2, Ancient Chinese Literature Search surnames, parenting, and other columns in the upper navigation. These are the most attractive users, the most sticky content. We are now in the navigation bar of those business columns, to merge into a large channel, leaving a link to the entrance on the line.

3, the home page floating customer service dialog box to get rid of it, too much impact on the user experience, so that people always want to close the idea of a website.

4, if possible, the contents of the station into a static page bar.

5, optimize the page, such as column page, content page, so that more than the chain, the relationship between the content and the content of some stronger, so that users will be willing to more than your station.

6, as far as possible to make a website website. I mean at least let people look like your website is no commercial atmosphere, is a name of the cultural portal. So that users can have a sense of trust in you.

statements of a school!

promotion to give you the following suggestions.

1, increase the intensity of SEO. In particular, we stand like this, in itself, there is no good promotion point, so SEO is particularly important.

2, the hero of the website. >

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