Taobao guest readme how do sprint 2015 Tmall eleven

By means of

+ + soft viral marketing advertising (Lu Songsong) + database marketing, three days to get 700 times SkyDrive double form eleven downloads (save number + downloads), this operation is Zhu Haitao had a good start. And here it is recommended that those who have more fans of the resources of the cattle are also divided into eleven double a cup, after all, this opportunity only once a year.

Zhu Haitao is not an experienced Taobao customers, in fact, before the operation of the double eleven, I almost did not come into contact with Taobao. As to why Taobao made at this time, the reason is very simple: Double eleven to. It can be said that Taobao customers to miss the annual double eleven it is difficult to understand. Double power of eleven here I will not say, we look at every pair of eleven transaction data is crystal clear. Three days ago, I was ready to sprint double the eleven. These three days, I come to two points: (1) the operation of Taobao passenger traffic is a great need to spend a lot of thought of the 2 Taobao passenger push the need to promote a variety of marketing drainage in order to play the greatest power.

Zhu Haitao here an analysis of the operation of the method, hoping to give you a little inspiration.

mode of operation: I am not just a simple form of Taobao customers to participate in. I take the route is Taobao + agent to promote the shop. Agents to promote the store is to find a Taobao shop owner, and he reached an agreement, the agent to promote his shop and divided into. Agents to promote a major focus of the store is to recruit Taobao customers to promote the shop. So my model is doing in the full use of Taobao Taobao off the side of our promotion group. Many people will ask, where can you find so many Taobao customers do promotion for you. In fact, I also do before the loan treasure project accumulated a lot of agents, many of which can be converted into a Taobao customer agent. In addition to other agents need to pay attention to a little shop: security. Try to find those who are more familiar with the Taobao store, the rules can not be divided into cooperation.

marketing model: Double eleven + Taobao +

eleven form must have done a lot of Taobao customers understand that every year around November, Ali mother will launch the official form. The official form probably hundreds of thousands of goods, of course, we can take the double eleven receive red envelopes also joined in. Taobao shop goods link is my agent shop goods, put out the link let Taobao guest to promote.


table after upload to Baidu or SkyDrive 360 cloud disk, then the focus of our work is to promote SkyDrive links.

let’s take a look at Zhu Haitao’s promotion of three days. Browse 2388 times, save the number of times 294 times, the number of downloads 436 times.



is the mother of Ali background data, the current daily flow between 280-400. Every day there is a deal, when

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