Google Chinese backyard fan Gongtang V

May 22nd, from Shanghai, the dragons will Google Inc. to court. Accused Google Adsense invalid clicks (fraud click) to determine and deal with a serious violation of the rights and interests of advertisers, then the reporter from the Shanghai first intermediate people’s Court confirmed the news.

Google Adsense is Google for the main site advertising program, Google is also an important source of global revenue, through the head put Google on your site to provide advertising to share part of the advertising commission. Google Adsense is one of the main choices of China’s personal AdSense and even some of the portal site advertising, in China’s online advertising occupies a considerable share.

" is the Dragon Advertising Forum; " Google Adsense column moderator, he has been involved in the localization of Chinese simplified Google product, so there is quite deep understanding of Google Adsense. He is also an early Chinese mainland to participate in the Google Adsense program publisher, a very active publisher, Google Adsense supporters and promoters.

dragons mention invalid click on the lawsuit, because he found the Google Adsense invalid click judgment and handling has been seriously deviated from the normal range, directly affect the majority of publishers’ advertising revenue. A publisher account is stopped, the reason is invalid click; issued income is adjusted for invalid clicks; issued ad the average price is more and more low, the reason is many clicks are considered invalid filtered income.

these invalid click judgment does not have any explanation, the reason is that the Google algorithm is proprietary, can not provide, this is the main reason for the prosecution.

and the current rumors circulated online Google scam compared to dragons Google Adsense has its own views. Although dozens of pages of material in the prosecution cited negative reports many other media as reference material, but the dragons still believe that Google Adsense is a good advertising plans, advertising is the webmaster better choice. Just the way Google Adsense on some of the questions need to change, make it more adapt to China market environment, more important is to have a minimum of Google cooperation, publishers consultations on an equal position and advertising and resolve disputes.

litigation is not a good way to settle disputes, whether for the publisher or Google. Litigation process is very complex, very high cost, which is currently a lot of publishers have complained but not one of the reasons for the court. This is a representative lawsuit, the pursuit of justice and fairness, I do

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