After a year to buy the site of the Red Sea thousand regiments or only 10

just past 2010, the star of e-commerce is undoubtedly buy – as Groupon was valued at $6 billion Google, buy the market was completely ignited passion.

now buy at least more than 1 thousand domestic websites, there are hundreds of hundreds of." Sohu love group responsible for Ding Yongxing before the date of the South have told reporters that the domestic group purchase market in less than a year has become the Red Sea, the love of family groups, Sohu Tencent Q Q Taobao group, Juhuasuan, in the power savings, seeking to become the first position.

buy site over half a thousand

with the success of the G roupon model, in 2010, the domestic buy site mushroomed rapid growth.

was founded in China’s first social networking site of the campus network of Wang Xingzheng is the first to get involved in the field of senior entrepreneurs. He founded in March last year, the U.S. mission network is China’s first group buying site. After the e-commerce giant launched the "Juhuasuan" group purchase channel; the largest social networking site owner of 1000 rubber group launched the "rice"; Sohu, Tencent, NetEase, Sina and Baidu are the four major portals have launched their own group purchase business.

2010 "Chinese network group purchase survey report" shows that as of the end of August 2010, the number of network group purchase domestic enterprises scale has reached 1215.

in the industry view, group purchase market clear economic benefit and quick profit model can not be underestimated. At present, the U.S. group net monthly sales of nearly 40 million yuan, covering 13 main city of Beijing, Shanghai, before the Spring Festival, the number of stations will reach 30, "Wang Xing said, according to the pace of development of group purchase website, the future support enterprises listed no problem.

Sohu love family leader Ding Yongxing said, since June 2010 on the line, Sohu love home sales are growing at an annual rate of 200%-300%. Love family plans in 2011 sales can be 5-10 billion, profit margin of about 10%-20%. "Buy not only to provide users with a substantial price concessions, but also to provide customers with a ‘three-dimensional’ marketing services".

1000 group after the war only 10


since 2010, the domestic search index related to the emergence of surge. 1-5 months, the average daily search volume 65258 times, and since 6-10 months, the average daily search volume up to 529696 times, soared by a factor of 7.1.

because of the characteristics of "low high technology group purchase business", anyone can easily enter the hyperbole is three thousand yuan, can set up a group purchase website — a simple business model, low barriers to entry, as long as you are willing to stay up late, any marketing ideas can be rivals in the early hours of the day will be copied.

"this is typical of the Red Sea, rushed well broken limbs to." A risk investment

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