nternet leaks behind frequent security investment accounted for only 1% of the T industry

recently, there are media reports that consumers in the public comment network (micro-blog) in the account balance stolen brush, and, with the account number and the phone number of the binding are not received the relevant tips.


, dianping.com to the "First Financial Daily" said in response, the company has initially suspected alarm, because members of the account number and password security settings are too low to cause, but further investigation to the specific reasons still determine the technology sector.

"we have sent members of the text messages and e-mail alerts to reset the password, will try its best to recover the loss of membership, and help members modify account and password information." Company official said, there are still some users do not reset the password or reset the password is too simple, which may lead to increased risk of account theft.

from CSDN (micro-blog) leak, to the electricity supplier website are frequent account information stolen, and this year 3· 15 party and the exposure of the bank staff paid sale of customer information, a series of events has sounded the alarm of information security. An industry association sources, China’s current information security investment accounted for only about 1% of the entire IT industry investment, far below the level of 8%~12% in Europe and the United states.

company said the exclusion of employee information disclosure

public comment network account will generally recommend the user to bind the phone number, each consumer will be prompted in the mailbox. On the morning of September 2nd, a consumer in the login mailbox found himself had a record of consumption, more than 100 yuan in the relevant account has been emptied.

"Although the stolen

balance is not much, also 110 yuan, but still feel very strange." The consumers said that as a result of mobile phone binding, past consumption will have a mobile phone text message, but the recent login mailbox, found that the account balance has been cleared, and there is a record without the knowledge of the consumer.

in addition, consumers also pointed out that in order to steal account in full amount, hacking will advance funds for consumption, it is a thief was done.

public comment on the network, told reporters: this event is a minority phenomenon, the specific figures are still under investigation, the reason may be the use of other sites and the same account and password."

is not the problem of internal staff to disclose information, public comment has been ruled out. At present, the technical department for the risk of possible account is still in the investigation, over two days will result."

in October last year, the public comment network had been attacked by an unknown source of malicious attacks, resulting in some users can not access.

information security investment lags behind Europe and the United States

information security breaches in recent years focused on the outbreak.

2011 at the end of the CSDN leak, through the open channel access to the suspected leak database 26 >

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