DC Review Network in early March the domestic domain name resolution service provider Top10

China IDC Review Network 03, 2009, according to data released by WebHosting.info, as of March 11, 2013, the domestic domain name service provider market remained stable. Compared with the end of February, all shares fell nearly 0.26% to 22.2194%. Followed by the DNSPOD, the share rose 0.1%, up to 16.7169%, ranking the top 35 in the Internet, the share fell to 5.1475% in.

(Figure 1) the domain name of the domain name service provider domain map (as of 2013-3-11)

as shown in Figure 1, in early March, the domestic domain name service Top10 are: DNSPOD, 35, China network interconnection, Chinese data, Xinwanghulian, Western Digital, "China, Corfu network, love net and orange internet.

In contrast

domain names, domain name DNSPOD nets to lead the domestic market, followed by the domain name increase significantly. 35 Internet ranked third, Chinese data, the difference between the two is not large, intense competition in the fourth.

below, we come to analyze the domestic domain name service provider Top10 specific data:

(Figure 2) comparison of the domain name service provider market share

(Figure 3) in early March China domain name resolution service providers ranked TOP10 (as of 2013-3-11)

is shown in Figure 2, figure 3 data shows, as of March 11th, the total amount of Chinese million net domain name is 1347221, than in February the new 2068, market share fell 0.26%. The DNSPOD, the total number of domain names for the first time exceeded 100 thousand, up to 1013589, the share rose nearly 0.1%, up to 167169%. Ranked third is the interconnection of the Internet, the share of a small drop to 5.1475%, China’s data is also reduced to a small of 4.9312%.

comprehensive above the latest data, in early March, the domestic market share of domain name analysis service providers remained stable. Recently, network share change slightly, as one falls, another rises. The DNSPOD, the rising potential. While the rest of the service provider share is not small. Compared with the end of February, there is no change in the ranking of the domain name resolution.

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