The acquisition of the South China Morning Post Ali to strengthen the media attribute challenge th

Abstract: the "PR" is most closely with the media department, Ali Public Relations Department of the caliber grasp, shake the burden of type, and broke the competing products play bickering, delete and other capacity was extraordinary, hold up as a model of PR. According to Ma’s argument, after Ali listed, to be from there to no".


the evening of December 11th, Ali officially confirmed the acquisition of "South China Morning Post" news, executive vice chairman Cai Chongxin Alibaba group published an open letter to the readers, readers responded to the most concern for hundreds of years of newspaper "credibility", and "South China Morning Post" will enter the era of free content.

in the last month, the largest C2C video site Youku potatoes Ali was acquired this month; and the reorganization of the "South China Morning Post". It is reported that Alibaba group in recent years by direct, indirect, affiliated companies, individual shares and other means, has invested about 25 stake in the media. Ma Yun created the media empire, vaguely media shadow of A Henry Murdoch.


from Ali to the media layout, all kinds of media, such as new media, technology review website, video website, magazine, newspaper missing? Although the traditional newspaper industry generally faced with the plight of poor management, but it is difficult to obtain the qualification of private capital. Since the new Chinese adhere to the "party newspaper", especially from the former Soviet Union to open the "newspaper" the subjugation of the past, the newspaper as a mouthpiece of the party and government organs, public opinion of the media is almost impossible to take stakes in domestic newspapers. With Hongkong as the central issue of the "South China Morning Post" no such concerns, it is Guo Henian’s family holding listed companies.

called the integration of other people that you have the strength to be integrated that you have value. Founded in 1903, the "South China Morning Post", is the only one of the oldest modern news, the biggest feature is to adhere to the English China reported, in Hongkong, Southeast Asia and the world of English has wide influence, is one of the important foreign understanding of "entrance" Chinese. In the Internet and mobile Internet under the impact of the wave, even as "New York Times", "Washington Post", "the guardian" and other newspapers are the world’s old transformation, the content online, "South China Morning Post" overwhelmed China largest Internet Co ", is a good way to go. The author believes that the main reason for the layout of the media field Ali three main:

(a) to strengthen the media attribute, challenge the Tencent, Baidu’s advantage, to ensure the dominance of BAT.

Tencent advantage of connecting people, Baidu’s advantage is to connect information, and Ali’s advantage is to connect goods. In the PC era, in the major regional distribution, such as the big Chu, Zhejiang network, network are known to Yan City local news portal; in the mobile Internet era, WeChat quickly became the center of public opinion field, the public number exceeded the number of 10 million, the average daily number of 15 thousand a year >

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