How to pay Baoying to do social networking products to be competitive


do social intention, at present Alipay to "circle" product form in the social way hesitant ahead…… In view of this, some people say that Ali electricity supplier genes for social networking, some people think that Alipay’s products from the tool positioning and social demand is not compatible with the…… But everything is not absolute, we can think of "social" empty, but specifically how to do is to control the Alipay social networking may be difficult, but not impossible.

"social" is a larger field of product positioning, but the word "social" is a main proposition, to achieve a landing with auxiliary proposition cut found in the process, to find a suitable route for Alipay social networking.

thinking: the existing "circle" social


Alipay launched by the "circle" function, to open social relations as a social organization, bearing on the dynamic circle as the content, and marketing with suction eye beauty resources in the aspect of operation. Thus, Alipay completed a preliminary attempt to complete the social, the moment has become a focus of media and public opinion. However, such social ideas do not have product competitiveness.

products: circle function, plus circle mechanism, dynamic dispatch form and auxiliary function (play and praise), these are the things we can do, even others have already done things that are far behind the market mature products and dynamic circle of friends. The function of the product is not innovation, data logic is not deep.

operation: the videos of beauty can be early to attract attention, give a person find everything fresh and new feeling, to update the content of the supplement but only by way of a taste for self operation, also not close to encourage users to form a virtuous circle of ecological degree.

demand: demand is a reflection of the production and operation of the common focal point, the idea of the combination of Alipay, if you want to see the best videos of beauty, the product is a form of information of the kind of beauty photo products through the portal, browse a list of way to meet this demand, why should be placed in a circle in the circle? The functional morphology of the value lies in the chain, Alipay in this regard is through credit circle as the access threshold, but the mechanism is the theme of Alipay’s circle created, such as "overseas life" and "campus life", and these credit points direct distribution of correlation degree is not high.

Competitiveness: after the integration of products, operations and needs, all the factors together to form a comprehensive product competitiveness. According to the existing Alipay social circle, just to borrow an existing huge traffic entrance, added a new product system in the scene. In other words, this approach and do a separate new product, packaging features under the circle, and to provide a large number of ready-made traffic input practices, no substantial difference.

so, Alipay is currently the only stay in the level of social isolation, and did not fully tap.

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