Google Microsoft jointly launched the open web standard website


according to foreign media reports, Microsoft, Google, apple, Adobe, Facebook, HP, NOKIA, Mozilla, Opera, W3C and other enterprises and organizations to carry out the Web Platform Docs yesterday announced plans to set up the website,

Opera said the plan was designed to create a new authority on the open web standard web site". will be similar to Wikipedia’s information collection, developers can easily find here on HTML5, CSS4 and other standards of detailed and professional information.

Prior to

, if developers in the use of a standard when encountered some problems, but not get official authoritative answer, not only has to try other solutions, until success, brought no small trouble to developers. Google this is a dilemma developers called "treasure hunt". Developers can find the API interface file, information and browser compatibility information and development examples, as well as other variants of the standard information.

currently on the site by the establishment of the information provided by enterprises and institutions, developers can also submit to the site to submit more useful information. Although W3C is the project sponsor and responsible person, but is the result of work.

W3C director Tim Berners-Lee said: "the experience and authoritative information browser enterprises, authoritative tool enterprises, leading technology developers and designers have endless in Internet development, in the Web Platform Docs, they will share their experience and knowledge to the world, help developers."

Google Microsoft Apple jointly push open source Web technology website

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