Community content this is the right position from the media business


since the public number is a large area of flayer, many media people once again picked up the pride: Well, if I had to content is king.

however, the " in October; the number of public Battle Royale " the blame can not only give the data because many of them brush back, still a lot of public output quality content. These high-quality content may be because reading data are not up to the requirements of Party A (advertisers), resulting in value is completely negative, which had to be taken to brush this amount of no return.

fortunately, the wisdom of the masses is endless. After the collapse of the bubble, there is a ready-made solution to the problem of social media.

this is a media form of " the content production aggregation user content reproduction " content of fermentation; this solution circulating ecological system, which is difficult to grasp the scale of the content and community. Some people pursue the form of community, but ignore the importance of content; some people have good quality content, but these do not have the conditions for the formation of high-quality communities……

this time we have a female emotion from the media " the soul of the woman with fragrance " for example, talk about how to use the quality of the community to achieve the two breakthrough.

since the media business why more and more tired?

when you start the content of entrepreneurship, you will first confirm the two question:

1, I can show what kind of content

2, we need what kind of content

the first question determines whether you have the ability to start a business, the second problem determines the growth of your business model space. This mode of thinking does not seem to be wrong, to solve these two problems, the basic framework for entrepreneurship is basically a prototype, the next task is to start the production line, in accordance with their own set of goals to build content.

but it is not the business this simple addition can obtain the corresponding results, there is also an important factor in affecting the final effect, that is the business environment, so entrepreneurs need to grasp the formula is: Entrepreneurial effect (= entrepreneurship + business X business environment (negative space) infinity to positive infinity).

we can find many examples to prove that the environmental impact of business: for example, we can refer to the domestic animated film "Kuiba series", their original IP level and the creation of capital accumulation is the envy of many people in the industry under the condition of the domestic good reputation that fit the needs of the people, but the animated film environment don’t let the Animation pioneer mature become fodder.

so, want to health and stability of the content of entrepreneurship should be confirmed in the following questions:

1, I can show what kind of content

2, everyone needs

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