Baidu news source to submit the latest method

today and we exchange the latest news source to submit Baidu news, Baidu news can become a seed station is an honor to do online media. Baidu news search on the designated site of the web crawl frequency will be very high, some of the big news seed station new articles, almost can be synchronized. High frequency of grab, which is also a guarantee of the timeliness of the news.

Baidu news protocol before the submission of news sources must be prepared to submit the XML documents submitted, XML independent of the original news release form for the search engine index. Webmasters who previously submitted news sources are generally through this method. But due to the existence of various XML documents submitted by the quality of the news, and now Baidu press machine grab a substantial increase in the rate of success, Baidu now has a new policy: " in principle, we will no longer accept new XML documents submitted, have included the XML file we will continue collection, please do not take the initiative to submit XML documents we will no longer accept relevant audit."

if your site has not been included in Baidu news, please refer to the following standards included, with standard included site please send mail to [email protected], we will complete the review within 7 working days, in accordance with the standards included we will reply, do not meet the criteria included we don’t reply.

According to the

standard to write a mail submission this site, due to the large amount of information and many are original, so three days after Baidu staff reply, included work on OK


the amount of information that must be the webmaster can try to write a more sincere email to Baidu brother, maybe it will be included, as to our station included or flow, or will a big upgrade, Why not?


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